Keep your Pets Safe Around the Swimming Pool

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Town & Country Pool builders offer pet safety tips

Swimming is great fun for everyone in the family — even your pets. You do need to pay special attention to your pets around the pool just as much as you pay attention to your children when they are in the water. You also need to keep in mind that not all dogs love the water and not all dogs love to swim. If you’re going to have your pet in the pool with you, let the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders know as they may need to readjust your pool cleaning schedule.

Here are tips to keep your pets safe in and around the swimming pool: Keep your pets safe around the swimming pool - Keep your Pets Safe Around the Swimming Pool

  1.  A pool alarm is a safety device that you should use regardless of whether you have pets or children. The alarm sounds an alert if the water in your swimming pool is disturbed, ie someone, or something, has fallen or jumped in. There are floating alarms or alarms that are hardwired into the pool.
  2. Swimming pool fencing is likely required in your municipality and is an ideal barrier to keep curious children and pets out of the water when no adults are in attendance.
  3. Install a pet ramp to make it easy for your dog to get out of the water especially if he falls in and you’re not around. Once you install the ramp you will want to work with him to make certain he knows where it is and how to use it.
  4. Purchase a collar alarm that attaches to your dog’s collar and sounds if the device is submerged in water.
  5. Invest in a life vest for your dog and be diligent in using it when he is in the water with you.

If your pet is fearful and doesn’t go near the pool’s edge, don’t force him to be in the water with you. Give him some toys so he can be poolside, but not in the water if he doesn’t like it. Remember, if your pet loves the water and swims with you often, you will have to clean your filter  more often.