How does a pool liner get replaced?

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Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, DC & Maryland discuss pool liner replacement

The shell, or pool lining, that holds your pool water is one of the most valuable pieces of swimming pool real estate. The liner, in addition to being, aesthetically pleasing keeps the water inside the pool! When you’re talking with a pool contractor from Town & Country Pool Builders he will explain there are three different types of pools that you can have constructed and they include:

  • Vinyl liner
  • Fiberglass shells
  • Concrete aka gunite


A vinyl liner pool is a choice some pool owners opt for; they are an inexpensive alternative to concrete and tile pool liner construction. Vinyl liner pools are durable, but if they rip and depending on where they rip can either be fixed and repaired by your pool contractor, but if it is on a seam and it too large, it may mean the liner will need to be completely replaced.

If you choose a swimming pool liner, here are two options from which to choose:

  1. A beaded liner is more expensive, but is considered top-of-the-line. A beaded liner has an edge that clips into a track mounted around the edge of the pool. The smooth appearance of these liners make them almost indistinguishable from the traditional tile and adhesive liner.Swimming Pool Waterfeature- Deck Jets
  2. An “overlap” liner is an economical choice. Overlap liners hang over the lip of the swimming pool wall and is secured by clips and the decking material.

What happens if your pool liner has to be replaced?

  • The old liner is removed, cut up and hauled away.
  • The pool base will be washed down to any debris and dirt can be hauled away
  • Acid and water will be combined to remove any stains and possible algae growth
  • The new vinyl liner will be placed inside the swimming pool and it will be adjusted and stretched to fit the surface of the pool
  • All panels and joints will be secured and water will be slowly introduced to the new liner

If you have a vinyl liner pool and notice a rip or tear contact your pool contractor to see if he can fix it or if it will need to be replaced.

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