Hot tub safety tips for kids

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Hot tub safety tips for kids Town & Country Pool contractors explain 

Adults understand the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of hot tubs. But if you have children in the house you may wonder at hot tub safety tips for kids. The heat from the water can easily dehydrate them and can lead to injury. A child can use a hot tub, but the adults need to be vigilant in limiting the amount of time the kids spend in the hot tub.

Hot tub safety tips for kids

Constant supervision is the number one safety rule in and around a hot tub or a swimming pool. There should be a “no running” or rough-housing rule on the deck as well. Your deck can become slippery when wet and could lead to slips, falls or even head injuries.inground pool

While in a hot tub, make certain your kids understand they can stand the seats to keep their heads above water. Again, though a child, or even an adult, should never be in the water alone and unsupervised.

The use of the hot tub should also be determined by the age of the child. An infant is likely not a good candidate for a hot tub soak, but a toddler might just enjoy splashing around with mom and dad for a short time.

The hot tub should be covered and locked when not in use. A cover keeps curious children (and animals) from falling in and drowning. Diligent use of a hot tub cover also keeps the water free from debris and traps the heated water and could lower your utility bills. Invest in the cover at the same time you purchase your hot tub or spa.

Long hair can be a danger to a child — or an adult. Make sure long hair is under a cap or in a bun on top of your head to prevent any suction incidents. These incidents occur more often than most people realize and can result in drowning.

Minimize the amount of time your children spend in the hot tub. A child’s internal body temperature rises more quickly than an adult’s it can get dangerous, quickly. Ten minutes is a safe maximum limit for children.

If you’re going to be having children in the hot tub with you with any regularity, you may want to consider lowering the temperature of the water so everyone can enjoy it together.


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