Building an inground pool with luxury swimming pool construction techniques

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Building an inground pool – Town & Country Pool Contractors explain options

If you’ve finally decided to seek help building an inground pool, you may be overwhelmed by the options available. The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools in Virginia understand what goes into building an inground pool and offer advice that will help you narrow your choices. Understanding the processes of building an inground pool is crucial to your ultimate luxury swimming pool construction project.

Luxury Swimming Pool Construction Materials

What material should you choose to build your luxury inground pool? There are three popular choices when building an inground pool, but not all construction materials are suitable for a luxury swimming pool:

  1. Vinyl: This is, by far, one of the most traditional options. A vinyl liner pool is typically the least expensive choice. However vinyl liners are prone to tears and should not be chosen for luxury swimming pool construction.
  2. Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a very traditional choice. The fiberglass installation process is fast.  A fiberglass shell will be delivered to your home in one piece and placed into the excavated area. However, these prefabbed liners are prone to cracks, which does not make them an ideal choice for a luxury pool.
  3. Gunite or concrete: A gunite pool is widely considered the highest-quality material with which to build a swimming pool. It is also the building material that offers the most design options. While they are the most expensive and take the longest to construct, they are the most durable. Gunite pools don’t rip or tear.


How will you choose to keep the pool clean? Swimming pool filters are the heart of the pool because they keep the water clean and clear of bacteria. Here are two suitable options for your luxury swimming pool project:

  1. Cartridge: This filter uses a paper cartridge to filter bacteria and debris from the water.
  2. DE filters: A DE, or Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder through which the particles pass.

Remember that the most important part of choosing a filter is to choose the one that is the right size. Bigger is not better! A pool contractor will help you determine the best size for your pool.


You can’t forget about landscaping! Plants can complete the look of your luxury swimming pool, Whether you’re done, or in the process of building an inground pool, there are many myriad options that can enhance the area around your pool:

  1. Deck: Concrete, brick, tile, stone pavers or wood are a few of the options for your poolside deck. Make sure you understand the requirements for upkeep on the various luxury swimming pool deck construction materials.
  2. Safety fences: Another useful option is fencing. Consumers should definitely consider this option to keep children and pets from falling into the pool. In many areas, safety fences are required by law.
  3. Outdoor kitchen: Finally, adding an outdoor kitchen by your luxury swimming pool means you can move your living to the outdoors, poolside, for the duration of the summer!

You may encounter more, however these are a few of the many questions and options you will be faced with when you are looking to become a swimming pool owner. Understanding the process of luxury swimming pool construction is something you definitely want to research before you make any final decisions.

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