Maryland, DC & Virginia pool contractors explain lap pool and spa differences

Swimming brings with it many health benefits, both short- and long-term. The cardio vascular benefits of swimming are amped up because you can get a great workout without putting any stress or strain on your bones and joints. Swimming is ideal for those suffering from arthritis and other joint issues. How can you determine whether you want to have a lap pool, a spa, a regulation size pool, something in between or a combination of options?

If you’re considering a pool this year, but aren’t certain how much of your backyard you want to give up for it or wondering whether your home is even zoned to accommodate a pool, talking with your pool contractor is your best first step.

The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools offer this information to help clear up the confusion around the terminology. Images1

Here are items to think about if you are trying to decide between a lap pool or a spa:

  • swim spa is an alternative to digging up the backyard to install a lap pool. Much like a hot tub, a spa is a self-contained unit that can be installed indoors or outside and don’t take up much space. A swim spa workout is much like running on a treadmill as you would be swimming in place with the current working against you.

A swim spa is not necessarily less expensive than a lap or a regulation sized swimming pool. A spa set up typically costs $20,000 but that price doesn’t include installation or the construction of the deck on which to install it.

  • The difference between a lap pool and a regulation sized pool is the shape and size. A lap pool is a long, narrow rectangle that emulates a single lane of a pool. If there is room enough in the yard, some homeowners will opt for the full 25-yard lap length found at most pools. Lap pools are generally only three and a half to four feet deep.
  • A regulation sized pool is one that is larger, longer and better able to accommodate more swimmers and is generally of a size that makes it pool-party ready. Regulation pools come in myriad shapes and sizes and can be constructed out of many various types of materials.

No matter what type pool you opt for you will be giving your family a gift that will keep giving for decades to come.