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Many customers want to know how much an inground pool cost. Naturally, this is one of the first questions that a potential swimming pool owner will ask when they contact our office.  However, our swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools will tell you, “it all depends.”  Although our contractors can give you a “guesstimate” or price range, the actual cost of an inground pool will vary depending on many factors.


  • Amount of work needed to prepare the property for the swimming pool project.inground swimming pool design inground pool cost swimming pool cost
  • Swimming pool size (length, width, and depth)
  • Complexity of the pool design–beach entry or deep end shallow end?
  • Pool Equipment
  • Filter type–sand or DE?
  • Swimming pool heater and covers
  • Accessories–Fountains, waterfalls, sun-shelves, diving boards, and slides.
  • Construction material itself–Fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite (concrete)
  • Will you use a salt chlorine generator or another cleaning method?
  • Coping and decking material
  • Landscaping around the pool or outdoor living space.


In addition to the upfront swimming pool cost, potential swimming pool owners will need to budget for any upkeep expenses that come with swimming pool ownership. Pool owners must budget in the price of maintenance, chemicals, replacement parts, and increased homeowner insurance costs. Although maintenance cost may not occur all at once, they should be considered when contemplating the size and equipment you intend on using for your inground swimming pool.


When starting your swimming pool project, it is best to have a budget in mind before talking with your pool contractor.  By having a budget in mind, this will help your contractor know what you can afford on your specific budget. Understanding your needs and wants will help keep your inground pool cost within budget.  Contact Town and Country Pools today where our swimming pool contractors are ready to assist you.

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