Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, Maryland & DC explain pool language

You may not have considered it, but autumn is the best time of year to begin researching for a swimming pool construction project. Which means you should start thinking about what is on your pool construction wish list. Why? Because this time of year swimming pool contractors are not as busy, prices may be lower and before the snowy or rainy season arrives, installing a swimming pool now means that it will be ready for you to swim as soon as the next pool season rolls around. If you’re thinking about talking with a swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pool Builders it’s best to have an understanding of some of the terminology before you do so.

  • Pool filters. When your swimming pool pump is on, the filter will draw the water from the skimmer and the main drain and push it through the filter. The filter’s job is to remove debris from the water, clean it and return it back into the swimming pool. When you’re looking into your pool construction project, be aware there are three types of pool filters: cartridge, DE and sand. Ask us what would be best and ask us to explain the pros and cons of each style. Pool renovation and remodel
  • The heart of any swimming pool is the pool pump. This is what circulates the water, helps push dirty water into the filter and also circulates the chemicals when they’re added. The pump is charged with moving all of your pool water through the filter daily — it’s a big job! The pump draws water from the skimmer and the main drain then pushes it back into the pool through the pump, heater and filter — it is a seamless process that the pool owner never notices — until something goes wrong. When we come for a pool service we inspect the filter to assure it’s in working order.
  • The care and maintenance of the swimming pool water. When you own a swimming pool, it’s important that you assure the water is clean and bacteria-free at all times. This can be accomplished by using pool chemicals such as chlorine or by installing a salt water chlorine generator. In addition to adding chemicals, you will need to test the water to assure the calcium hardness, pH and total undissolved solids are in proper ranges. This can sometimes be a delicate balancing act act and that is why many pool owners rely on the services of a pool contractor to test and balance the water chemistry.

These are three of the many items you will want to ask your pool contractor about when you’re working with him to get a pool project underway. You will also need to discuss whether you want a heater, a diving board or other accessories, the construction material itself and if your builder will also be you pool maintenance contractor once the project is complete. It is a long process, but if you start now, you could be saying, “Everyone into the pool!” at the start of next summer!