Town & Country Pool Builders discuss swimming pool color options

Is blue the only color you have to choose from for your swimming pool? The pool contractors from Town & Country Pools, serving Maryland, Virginia and DC say that is a resounding, “no.” There are so many colors from which to choose that your swimming pool color and design can be as unique as you and your family are. The color of your pool liner, gunite or fiberglass shell can, and should, reflect your landscape, your home and your personal taste.  pool colors

How to decide

When you think about your backyard living space and more specifically your swimming pool, what feeling do you want to elicit when you see it?  That it’s a natural part of the backyard? That it’s sophisticated and sleek? Soothing? Calm? Remember that different colors elicit different feelings in the observer and can either lead to calm or to energy; you will want to consider that when choosing a color.

The color will add to the ambiance of your outdoor living space.

Your pool color can either complement your home decor, contrast with your home, make a unique statement or as a way to amp up the wow factor.

You also can’t merely say, “I’d like a blue or a green” pool because within that color there are myriad shades in that spectrum.  Traditional colors are available as are non traditional and “uncommon” colors. What are non-traditional colors? There’s black, gray, off white, white, brown or green. A black pool, for some symbolizes elegance, but for others the color is off putting to some swimmers. A black pool will also draw in and hold the heat from the sun and that might make your pool water warmer.

White, is an option, but is rarely used because it reflects the heat of the sun. A white pool could be blinding brilliant on a sunny day.

Green symbolizes nature, harmony and health and is a color that appeals to many individuals. A green pool can lead to your pool and outdoor living space being an area of Zen and relaxation.

Ask your pool contractor for suggestions and to offer you “mock ups” of what a particular color would look like in both the pool and in the entire landscape area of the pool.