Building permits needed for swimming pool construction

Virginia, Maryland & DC pool contractors help obtain building permits

Investing in a swimming pool is more than finding the ideal swimming pool contractor, the pool builders from Town & Country Pools explain, it is about working with local building and zoning officials to assure you have the right clearances for the construction as well as the correct building permits to begin the project. When you’re in the process of finding a pool contractor, you will want to find one who will help you navigate the maze of permits and zoning requirements to bring your dream of pool ownership to fruition.  An experienced pool contractor will understand the specific rules and regulations in the area you live and will have a process in place to help their customer through the process. As a potential new swimming pool owner you also need to understand that this — obtaining building permits — is not something that happens overnight so you will need to plan additional time into the overall construction process to account for this step. Pool Renovation Maryland

The conversation about owning a swimming pool will likely start with a potential pool contractor coming to your home for a site visit. He will determine:

  • Whether your yard is large enough to accommodate a pool
  • What size pool will fit into your yard space
  • What obstacles he may be faced with during the construction project — ie narrow yard, low overhead clearance, difficult space to navigate with the backhoe or other heavy equipment

The municipality in which you live determines the steps you need to follow to apply for the permit and the inspection process you will endure during the various construction phases.  An inspector may make a site visit to assure the pool construction project complies with local zoning laws before, during and after the installation. You need understand any restrictions before you sign any contracts for your project.

While you will want to find a contractor who is knowledgeable about building codes you are are ultimately responsible. Walk away from a contractor who expects you to sign a contract prior to understanding and receiving information on the zoning laws you must comply with.

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