Town & Country Pool Builders answer the age old question…

When should you open your swimming pool?

Is there a specific date on the calendar to open your swimming pool? In the DC metro, Virginia and Maryland area, you can’t always schedule your swimming pool opening by a date on the calendar. Instead, you need to rely on the weather and what your local meteorologist says. Most people are anxious to have an open swimming pool as soon as the sun starts to shine and the

Swimming pool opening by Town and Country Pools

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snow has melted, but you may need to take more precautions than that.

Pool Opening Schedule Depends on the Weather

When to schedule your pool contractor from Town and Country Pools to open your swimming pool really does depend on the weather – and the type of pool you have. Cool weather should not be a deterrent. If you have a pool with an adjoining hot tub, you will get use out of an open swimming pool far earlier than a swimming pool without a spa.

A pool heater or solar cover can help warm the water enough to swim in until there are several weeks of above freezing temperatures and nights that remain warm. The warm night air is more important to getting the water to a safe swimming temperature than warm days are. Spring days in the 70’s still, in some cases, lead to nights that are barely above freezing. However, an open swimming pool can be a nice place to gather until the water is warm enough to swim.

Do not wait for the winter weather to break to schedule your pool opening. If you do, you will be very disappointed that the next available appointment is in four to six weeks! For many pool owners, Memorial Day is the absolute latest you will want an open swimming pool. For most, however, it is a personal preference. Make sure you plan accordingly when deciding when to schedule your pool opening.

When should you close your swimming pool?

As for when you will close the pool; it is typically done when the nights start cooling off and the days are no longer as warm.  This, however, should be before a freeze is predicted. If you’re running the heater frequently, this is a sign for many pool owners that the time is near to close the pool. Falling leaves can also lead to both algae growth and potential damage to your filters and pumps if they clog it up. Always listen to the weather forecast because both you and your pool contractor will want the pool closed before the first frost hits the area. Ask your contractor if he has a cut off date for a pool closing as he will not want to be out there working on it in freezing conditions. Frozen pipes can lead to broken pipes, and that could be expensive to repair.

Your swimming pool contractor should be your go-to source for pool opening services and closings as this is his area of expertise and he has the knowledge to know the best time for both openings and closings.


Whether you are a new pool owner or just prefer your swimming pool opening to be completed by a professional to eliminate the hassle Town and Country Pools is here to assist with your swimming pool opening.

Town and Country Pools understand our customers are extremely anxious to get their swimming pool opened. However, we highly recommend our customers schedule their pool opening appointment 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule. By scheduling your swimming pool opening in advance, our customers will avoid any scheduling conflicts or delays. Contact us today to schedule your pool opening.