Town & Country Pool Builders in Maryland extol the benefits of swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers, the pool contractors from Town & Country Pool builders, shouldn’t be considered a pool accessory, it should be considered a pool necessity and it should be part of the overall swimming pool construction project. A swimming pool cover keeps your pool free from falling debris and if you invest in a safety cover it can keep pets and children from falling in and using a pool cover can cut back on the amount of chemicals you may need to use in the pool and could help retain heat. All of these sound like pretty good reasons to invest in a quality pool cover, don’t you agree?

One of the biggest ways a swimming pool costs a pool owner money is through energy loss through water evaporation.  If you’re using a swimming pool heater without a cover you could potentially lose 1 BTU per pound of water that evaporates. If you heat your pool water to 80 degrees, you could potentially lose up to 1,048 BTUs of heat  and that can truly impact your family’s utility bills.

A pool cover will help save energy and water by reducing the rate at which water evaporates. If you cover your swimming pool when you’re not using it you can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to keep the pool at a swim-friendly temperature. Using the pool cover diligently means you might save up to 50% on your heating bill, over the increase you’re noticing once you have a pool installed.

There are myriad styles of pool covers but if you want to go low-tech, a large, thick plastic sheet can be used.  This is not an ideal option because it’s not easy to put on, take off or store. It could work as a short term measure, but is not ideal for long term. Covers can certainly be purchased online, but your best bet is to work with your swimming pool contractor to assure you’re getting a high quality cover that fits your pool like a glove.

As with any piece of pool equipment you will have to upgrade and replace it after several years of use. Replacing a pool cover can also mean you’re going to get a cover that has higher technology and could provide a better layer of protection.

Because pool covers are not always easy to put on and take off you may want to have an electric powered cover installed. Be aware that this could add an additional price to your pool project of up to $10,000, but talk with us to see what your potential return on investment would be in energy and chemical savings by using a pool cover.

Bottom line, pool covers save you money and are environmentally friendly.