Town & Country Pool Builders in Maryland explain the benefits of swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers should not be considered a pool accessory; it should be regarded as a pool necessity! The benefits of swimming pool covers should be considered when taking on a swimming pool project.

Benefits of swimming pool covers include:

  • Keeps your swimming pool free from falling debris
  • Reduces the number of chemicals needed
  • Helps retain swimming pool heat
  • Safety covers keep pets and children from falling in
  • Saves pool owners money

All of these sound like pretty good reasons to invest in a quality pool cover, don’t you agree?

One of the most significant ways a swimming pool costs a pool owner money is through energy loss through water evaporation.  If you are using a swimming pool heater without a cover, you could potentially lose 1 BTU per pound of water that evaporates.  If you heat your pool water to 80 degrees, you could lose up to 1,048 BTUs of heat, and that can truly impact your family’s utility bills. The use of a swimming pool cover can save pool owners approximately 50% on your overall heating bill.

Benefits of swimming pool coversTypes of Swimming Pool Covers:

  • Solar Covers
    A solar cover is a commonly used style especially in the sunnier climates of the country. These covers can be used on above ground or in-ground pools and are sometimes referred to as solar blankets. They help prevent loss of heat and also help not prevent loss of chemicals and water through evaporation. They may increase the overall temperature of the water by 10 degrees.  Solar covers are relatively inexpensive but do not provide the best “seal” when it comes to keeping dirt and debris from the water. They range in price from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars.  These are NOT safety covers.
  • Tie-Down Cover
    These covers are stretched across the entire pool and tied down with anchors. They do require that your swimming pool has at least two feet of decking (the anchors are embedded there). A pool cover manufacturer can design a custom cover that can fit over your spa, water features or other accessories your pool boasts. A tie-down cover, like many of the others, can be made of solid vinyl or mesh (the mesh allows water to flow through). Plan on spending at least $500 and upwards of $2,000 for a die down pool cover — again this depends on whether you want is custom-fit and the size of the pool.
  • Liquid Solar Covers
    Liquid solar covers are made from calcium hydroxide.  This “cover” is one molecule thick and safe for swimmers. This type of cover is easy to use and helps maintain consistent water temperature.
  • Track Cover
    This style that is one of the easiest in regards to getting the cover on and off the pool when you want to use it. As the name implies, the cover is installed on a closed track system above the pool. It can be operated manually or electronically.  Plan on spending anywhere from $300 to $15,000 depending on whether you want a fully automatic cover and the size of your pool.
  • Safety Covers
    Many covers can offer a layer of protection, but safety covers are specifically designed to hold a particular amount of weight — at least 450 pounds and cannot have any spaces that would be large enough for a child to slip through. A safety cover can also be a tie down or a track style model. If you’re looking for a safety cover, make certain you tell your DC, Maryland or Virginia swimming pool contractor to assure you’re getting the style you need. The cost for a safety cover ranges from $1,000 up to close to 10,000 depending on the style and the size of your swimming pool.

As with any piece of pool equipment you will have to upgrade and replace it after several years of use. Replacing a pool cover can also mean purchasing a cover with better technology that could provide a better layer of protection. Additionally, buying a swimming pool cover that operates on an automation system is extremely helpful. This added feature will help you cover and uncover your pool while also having the ability to turn on pool jets or lights.

While swimming pool covers can certainly be purchased online, it is your best bet is to work with your swimming pool contractor to assure you are getting a high-quality cover that fits your pool like a glove.  Regardless of the style you choose, it’s crucial to the health and safety of your pool and those in the household to be diligent in the use of one.

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