Maryland Pool Contractors Explain the Benefits of a Spa or Hot Tub

Hot Tub and Spa

A hot tub or spa could be a stand alone structure in your home or be in a corner of your yard or patio. Our swimming pool experts can also build a hot tub into a preexisting swimming pool. Swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools are experienced in the construction and installation of a spa in myriad locations. A hot tub is a place to soak away the stresses of the day. It is also an ideal location to warm up on a chilly winter night. You can also invite friends over for a decadent night in the cooler months of winter. A spa can also reap health benefits. Spas and hot tubs known for their relaxation. Benefits are more than just a way to relax, they also offer health benefits and provide relief to people with arthritis and diabetes.
hot tub spa

Spa Health Benefits

Hot Tub Benefits for Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation explains that arthritis sufferers can find relief from pain while soaking in the hot tub. Starting the day with a brief 15-minute soak can loosen the joints and alleviate pain; starting the day with a hot soak provides relief from pain and stiffness that will last the entire day. The heat of the water raises the body temperature, it causes the blood vessels to enlarge. This helps to improve circulation. The combination of heat and the buoyancy of the water helps reduce pain and stiffness.

Spa Benefits for Diabetics

According to the American Diabetes Association, people that can regularly spend up to 30 minutes a day in a spa were shown to have lower blood sugar readings. These benefits mirror those reaped by diabetics that exercise. A combination of the soak that is thought to lead to a better night’s sleep can lead to overall general feelings of well-being and this can go a long way toward better overall health.

Heart Benefits of a Spa or Hot Tub

You can also lower blood pressure by spending time in a spa. For some individuals, a blood pressure that is too high to allow for safe exercise routines, may find that time spent in the hot tub can lower blood pressure without any strain on the heart and this could lead to the individual being able to start an exercise routine.

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Whether you’re considering the addition of a hot tub or spa to your home for health or relaxation reasons, you can talk with your Maryland swimming pool contractor to find out what the best size and style of hot tub will suit your needs and also ask about the various therapeutic benefits of the different types of jets you can have installed. You may also want to ask yourself these 5 questions when deciding on buying a hot tub or spa.