Aaahhh swimming… what a great way to spend time with friends and family and get in shape or simply float around on a raft enjoying swimming pool coverthe warm summer sunshine. As any swimming pool owner knows, pools are fantastic family fun spots but they can also bring with them some hazards that you need to address. When you’re working with a Virginia swimming pool contractor, one of the items you will want to talk about is “how can I keep my children and pets safe?”

The swimming pool contractors at Town & Country Pools talk with clients about the ABCs of pool safety:

Alarms: There are myriad types and styles of swimming pool alarms on the market. From alarms that sound when the pool gate is opened to those that make sounds when the surface of the water is broken to those attached to the swimming pool cover, you have many options from which to choose and most times it is simply personal preference.

Barriers: Alarms are perfect for those times when someone from inside your house or who is already in your yard gets into the water, what do you do though to keep unwanted visitors from the pool (and your yard)? A barrier such as a wall or fence are the ideal options for keeping curious neighbor children or other intruders from getting into your swimming pool. What is an effective barrier?  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) explains it as ”… barrier should be at least four feet high above grade.” Keep in mind that specific municipalities will likely have its own rules and regulations that will need to be followed as it relates to barriers and alarms.

Covers: A safety swimming pool cover is another ideal way and another barrier you can put between your child or pet and your swimming pool. Safety covers come in either manual or motorized styles. Covers can be locked and unlocked by an adult with access to the key.

Having the ABCs covered will help ensure safe and uneventful pool ownership.