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What does a concrete swimming pool cost?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, DC & Virginia talk concrete pool costs

Wanting to know the cost of the family swimming pool is, naturally, one of the first questions that a potential swimming pool owner will ask. “What does a concrete swimming pool cost?” is typically one of the first questions we get when a customer calls our office.

Just as you can’t go to a realtor and ask, “What does a 1,000 square foot house cost?” it’s hard to come to a swimming pool contractor to ask the same question. Why? Because the answer to the cost of a pool or a home is going to be essentially the same, “It depends.” A pool contractor from Town and Country Pools could give you a “guestimate” on the price and could give you a price range. That is an excellent jumping off point, but there are myriad variables that go into a concrete swimming pool construction project.

For example, when thinking of pool prices, you need to consider:

  • How large you want your pool to be
  • How deep you want it
  • Where in the yard you want it placed (if you need to move trees and plants or add dirt to level off the ground, that will add to the price)
  • What kind of accessories do you want? Fountain? Waterfall? Sunshelves? Diving board? Slide? The list goes on
  • What kind of tile and coping do you want?
  • Do you want a deck?
  • Will you be landscaping around the pool?
  • How about the outdoor living space? What do you want there?
  • What kind of a filter do you want? Sand? DE?
  • Will you want a heater?
  • Will you use a salt chlorine generator or other cleaning method?
  • Do you want a deep end and a shallow end? A beach entry?

Do you see where we are going with this? You can certainly tell a pool contractor, “We have $70,000 to spend, how much pool can we get for that amount?” You can ask, “Do you have a base price for what you see swimming pools costing in our area?” These are questions that can gain you an answer, but be aware that until you have begun the process and answered myriad questions, there is no one answer to, “how much does a concrete pool cost”?


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