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Researching for a Maryland swimming pool construction project

Even though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean this isn’t the ideal time to begin the research necessary for a swimming pool project. Making the leap from “we think we want a swimming pool” to “signing on the dotted line,” may not be a straight path and will involve hours of time and research. Because a swimming pool project is such a big investment, working with the best swimming pool contractor in Maryland is crucial to your being thrilled with your pool. When you consider that you will have your pool to enjoy for decades, it’s best to put in your up-front research time.

When you’re in the beginning phases of a pool project, here are a few things you will want to have on your checklist when you meet with the pool contractors at Town & Country Pools:
  1. Cost:  You will need to consider what you can spend and what you can get (size and accessory-wise) for what you have budgeted. Also, when you’re talking with a pool contractor, ask him or her what the cost of the annual upkeep and maintenance will be. You will at least want a ballpark figure on what you can look to spend on a weekly or monthly basis. It won’t help you to have a pool installed if you don’t have the money budgeted to keep up with maintenance.
  2. Time: You will want to not only ask the contractor how long the project will take. Keep in mind that when the project is going to start and complete will determine how much time you will be able to spend in it this year. In addition to this, you’ll want to find out how much time pool upkeep and maintenance will require on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It will take much longer to repair a pool that has been improperly maintained than it will to perform required maintenance on a timely basis. If, for example algae takes hold or if you water gets clouded, it will take more time and expense to address and repair the issue.
  3. Incidentals: Permits, rules and regulations: You will be working with your pool contractor to obtain all building permits before your pool construction can begin. If you have decided to install an above ground pool on your own, you will still need to comply with state, federal and local regulations as they pertain to construction.
  4. Property resale values: Will a swimming pool enhance your property values? Chances are, yes. The addition of an inground swimming pool typically will raise your property values – this can be good for you and is a selling point if you’re looking to move in the future. Keep in mind though, that it can also mean an increase on your annual property tax bills. An above ground swimming pool typically doesn’t affect overall property values to a large extent.

A well-researched and thought out project will assure you have a swimming pool that your family will enjoy for decades.



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