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Maryland pool contractors explain eco-friendly pool options

Because many swimming pool owners are wary about their children swimming in eco-friendly pools that are cleaned with chemical methods, many swimming pool contractors in the Maryland area have been helping them come up with methods of keeping the pool eco friendly poolswater clean, clear and bacteria free that do not incorporate the use of chemicals. Chlorine, even in well balanced pool water, can be drying and irritating to adult skin and can be even more so with the delicate skin of children.

There are myriad options for making your backyard swimming pool more environmentally friendly and there are ways of using fewer chemicals and the swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools offer some tips here for those pool owners considering a switch to greener practices in 2014 or as part of a renovation project.

  1. Chlorine has negative impacts on both the environment and your skin, eyes and hair when you’re swimming. Swimming pools can be cleaned with salt water systems or through the use of an ionizer – this method uses silver ions and copper to clean the bacteria, viruses and algae in the water. With one of these ionization systems you can cut down on the use of chlorine – in some cases you can stop using it at all other than for the occasional shock treatment.
  2. If you feel that you want to heat your swimming pool water consider investing in an eco-friendly solar heating panel system rather than heating with propane or gas heaters. Solar heating is as effective as other types of heaters to keep the water warm. Once you’ve made the investment in the solar panels, the cost to heat the water is zero.
  3. Swimming pool covers provide so many benefits that include helping keep the water clean, cutting back on evaporation and keeping the water warmer. Using a solar blanket and a swimming pool cover will help trap up to 70% of the pool’s heat and minimize evaporation. A solar blankets are inexpensive and can make a big impact on your heating bills for the pool. Additionally, using a swimming pool cover will help with evaporation and save money on having to refill the pool.
  4. Run your pool equipment on timers and also ask about variable speed pumps and energy efficient equipment for your pool. Using timers for pool pumps and filters and running pumps on off-peak electricity hours can save you money as well as help your pool go green. A timer is an inexpensive investment that reaps large rewards.
  5. Consider a switch to LED or fiber optic lights both in your pool and around the outdoor living space. This type of lighting is more cost cost effective and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Talk with your swimming pool contractor about other ways you can incorporate greener, more environmentally (and skin) friendly practices into your swimming pool.

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