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How long should pool pump run?

How long should pool pump run, Town & Country Pool Builders explain

Running the swimming pool pump is a crucial part of keeping the pool water clean, clear and free of bacteria. When the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools visit customers in the Maryland area, one question they get asked is, “how long should pool pump run?” The answer to this is not a definite, because it’s based on many factors including the swimmer load as well as the size and shape of your pool and the size of your pool pump and filter.

One thing that pool contractors advise is to run the pump long enough to turn over the pool water at least once a day. This is called the “water turnover rate” and is a phrase your pool contractor will talk about. We can calculate your ideal pool pump running time based on the pump, pool water capacity, shape of pool and other factors. Ask us the next time we pay a service visit.

Pool water turnover rateswimming pool cleaning

A typical swimming pool filtering system will turn the water over about two times per day. Taking that into consideration, you will run the pool filter for up to twelve hours a day to completely turn the water over. This again, hinges on myriad factors including:

  1. Size of pool
  2. Size of filter
  3. Age and working condition of the filter

How long should pool pump run?

You can, of course, run it more hours of the day. Run the pump overnight if you want to save money on your utility bills. Ask your electric provider what the “off peak” hours are and run the pump then; most off peak hours are between 9 am and 9 pm.

A variable speed pump is an option for pool owners looking to save money.  Variable speed pumps are run at a lower speed when the pool water simply needs to be turned over or run at a higher speed when you’re vacuuming or need to turn the water more quickly.

To know your optimal time to run the pool filter, ask us when we pay our next service visit. It is better to run your pump longer, rather than shorter, amounts of time is recommended for the health of your pool water.

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