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How to landscape around your swimming pool

Town and Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Virginia & Maryland offer landscaping ideas

The swimming pool in your backyard is, no doubt, the focal point of your entire landscape. To add to that and enhance the aesthetic beauty even further, you will want to work with your Virginia swimming pool contractor on a landscaping project. When talking with him, keep in mind that landscaping can perform myriad functions.

The swimming pool builders from Town and Country Pools offer this landscaping advice:pool landscaping

  • Enhance the aesthetics. Landscaping with trees, shrubs and flowers are ideal, but you need to do that with caution so you don’t plant a tree that has creeping roots as those could damage the pool structure and plumbing. You also don’t want a tree or flowers that will shed leaves into the pool. A deck, pool house, gazebo or stone paver paths add to the aesthetics.
  • Amp up the safety aspects. Swimming pools are a lure for children, and can be inherently dangerous so you will want to talk with your pool contractor about making your landscaping perform double duty — beauty and safety. Add non slip surfaces and a fence with a lock to keep everyone safe.
  • Keep it  private. If your backyard abuts the neighbor’s you may want landscaping to enhance privacy. Plants and pool structures can address this issue while adding to the ambiance of the outdoor living space.

Have a budget in mind before you talk with your pool contractor about your landscaping project. Also tell him what you hope to accomplish with your project so he fully understands what your ultimate goal is. Your pool builder is the best expert for a landscaping project because he understands the lay of your land and the best options for safety as well as beauty.

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