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The Best Time to Schedule Your Pool Opening

Town & Country Pool Builders answer the age old question…

When should you open your swimming pool?

Is there a specific date on the calendar to open your swimming pool? In the DC metro, Virginia and Maryland area, you can’t always schedule your swimming pool opening by a date on the calendar. Instead you need to rely on the weather and what your local meteorologist says. Most people are anxious to have an open swimming pool as soon as the sun starts to shine and the

Swimming pool opening by Town and Country Pools

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snow has melted, but you may need to take more precautions than that.

Pool Opening Schedule Depends on the Weather

When to schedule your pool contractor from Town and Country Pools to open your swimming pool really does depend on the weather – and the type of pool you have. Cool weather should not be a deterrent. If you have a pool with an ajoining hot tub, you will get use out of an open swimming pool far earlier than a swimming pool without a spa.

A pool heater or solar cover can help warm the water enough to swim in until there are several weeks of above freezing temperatures and nights that remain warm. Warm night air is more important to getting the water to a safe swimming temperature than warm days are. Spring days in the 70’s still, in some cases, lead to nights that are barely above freezing. However, an open swimming pool can be a nice place to gather until the water is warm enough to swim.

Do not wait for the winter weather to break to schedule your pool opening. If you do, you will be very disappointed that the next available appointment is in four to six weeks! For many pool owners, Memorial Day is the absolute latest you will want an open swimming pool. For most however, it is a personal preference. Make sure you plan accordingly when deciding when to schedule your pool opening.

When should you close your swimming pool?

As for when you will close the pool; it is typically done when the nights start cooling off and the days are no longer as warm.  This however, should be before a freeze is predicted. If you’re running the heater frequently, this is a sign for many pool owners that the time is near to close the pool. Falling leaves can also lead to both algae growth and potential damage to your filters and pumps if they clog it up. Always listen to the weather forecast because both you and your pool contractor will want the pool closed before the first frost hits the area. Ask your contractor if he has a cut off date for a pool closing as he will not want to be out there working on it in freezing conditions. Frozen pipes can lead to broken pipes and that could be expensive to repair.

Your swimming pool contractor should be your go-to source for pool opening services and closings as this is his area of expertise and he has the knowledge to know the best time for both openings and closings.

What’s on your pool construction wish list?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia talk pool construction wish lists

A swimming pool construction project is not one to be undertaken lightly. There are so many items to think about, not the least of which is which pool builder in Maryland to work with, what kind and size of pool you want, what accessories your family wants in the pool, where to place it and what material to construct it from. Whew! It’s mind boggling!

Working with an experienced, skilled pool contractor will help assure you’re getting the best pool for your family budget and that your pool contractor is listening to you and your wants and needs in the family pool. Communication is key in a project of this magnitude.

Here are questions to ask the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools when you meet with them:Pool Renovation Maryland

  • Have a wish list that includes all accessories (diving board, sun shelves, hot tub) as well as the size you think you’d like. Note everything you’d love to have in the pool.
  • You need to know how much you can spend for both the pool project and the ongoing pool maintenance. Don’t forget to factor in increases in utility bills — your pool contractor can offer you advise on these numbers.
  • Create a pool design scrapbook as it will be easier to show photos of pool designs you like rather than trying to describe it to your pool contractor.
  • Ask your pool contractor to explain the differences in gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass pool styles. You need to have all of the information so you can make an informed decision.  Each style has a unique price point as well as maintenance and upkeep advantages and disadvantages. Ask a potential pool builder to thoroughly explain the differences and make your decision from an informed point of view.
  • Do your homework on a potential pool contractor. Seek out more than one estimate for your pool project. Also, ask the potential pool builder for contact information for prior clients with whom he has worked, contact them and gauge their happiness with the process.

A swimming pool project is a major commitment in time and money and you need to do your due diligence to assure you are getting the best possible contractor possible.

How to Get in Shape in your Swimming Pool

Town & Country Pool Builders offer get in shape in your swimming pool tips

When you exercise in your family swimming pool, there are many instances where it just doesn’t feel like exercise at all. That’s great, especially if you want to get your children to be healthier without having to tell them that they are exercising. Sneaking exercise into a fun time in the pool is easier than sneaking vegetables into their meals and snacks, right? One of the biggest reasons that swimming in your family pool is a great way to get into an exercise routine is because you won’t have to deal with crowds at the public pool nor will you have to work around the schedule at a public pool — you can swim whenever you want.

Why is a swim workout ideal for so many people for so many reasons?  It’s a great way to get a cardiac and lung-healthy workout in without putting undue stress on your bones and joints. Prior to jumping into any workout routine you may want to talk with your family physician to make certain you are healthy enough to do so and he may have suggestions on ideal exercise routines you can enjoy.

Here from the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders, who serve homeowners in DC, Maryland & Virginia are reasons why pool exercising is great for the entire family:

  1. Aerobic exercise can prevent heart disease. To get an actual workout in you need to work hard enough to raise your hear rate. One way to do that is to run in place in the water. Swimming laps will do the same.  Working against the pressure of the water provides a heart-healthy workout and one that can be done without fear of injury to your knees or back because of the natural buoyancy of the water. Swimming works your entire body.
  2. The weightless environment of water lets a back pain sufferer enjoy a pain-free workout. Swimming strengthens your core and that supports your back and relieves pain.
  3. Use your swimming pool to amp up your strength training and enhance your endurance without having to lift weights. Swim fins can build strength in your arms and your legs — depending on where you wear them! For example, if you’re a tennis player, put swim fins on your arms and move them through the water to help build muscle. Ask us about other workout equipment that you can use in your pool and incorporate into your swim workout to get the most of your time in the water.
  4. Arthritis sufferers can find relief from pain and swollen joints in a swimming pool. The simple act of movement will loosen joints and relieve pain and pressure. Stronger muscles take pressure off your joints. The water’s buoyancy, again, makes exercise easier for those suffering from arthritis and might decrease swelling and pain.

If “getting in shape” was on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, turn to your swimming pool to do just that. If you haven’t made the decision on becoming a pool owner yet, this might be the impetus you were looking for!



How to close a swimming pool

How to close a swimming pool, Town & Country Pool Builders explain 

Chances are your swimming pool has been closed for the season already. But if you have a swimming pool heater, you may still be enjoying time in the water. If the night time air is getting too cold and the heater is getting too costly to run, it might be time to call the swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools and schedule a pool closing date. How to close a swimming pool is something they can explain if you’re a do it yourselfer, or many people opt to hire a professional to take on the task for them.

How to close a swimming pool

  • He will balance the pool water chemistry and adjust them to levels that don’t allow for algae to grow during the winter months when you’re not circulating the water or adding chlorine to keep it free of algae.
  • He will remove the pool accessories. Pool items such as ladders, pool toys and others will be removed and you will want to store them in a safe location for the winter.
  • The pool water level will be reduced, either by using a submersible pump. The water will be lowered to about 18 inches below the pool coverskimmer level.
  • All of the water will be drained from the filters, pumps, heaters and any chlorinating equipment as well as the vacuum hoses. Once everything is drained and removed, you will need to find a safe place to store it for the winter months.
  • The pool’s o-rings will likely be lubricated to keep them from drying and cracking during the cold winter months and when the rings aren’t exposed to any water on the off season.
  • The pool will be thoroughly cleaned before the winter cover goes on. Keeping it as clean as possible will make the spring opening easier and will help prevent any algae build up.
  • All of the pool plumbing will be winterized to prevent any cracking from frozen water in the plumbing. The water will be drained from the plumbing, pool antifreeze will be added and the lines will be plugged with caps.
  • Winterizing algaecide will be added. The pool water will be super chlorinated as part of the winterization process.
  • Floating items will be added to the water to help prevent freezing.
  • After everything is taken care of the pool cover will be put in place. You want to make certain, throughout the winter season, that the cover remains in place. If there is a build up of snow or rain, ask your pool contractor whether you should remove standing water and the best way in which to do that so you don’t damage the cover.





If you have a hot tub, you may still be using that throughout the season, but ask your pool contractor whether there are additional steps that need to be taken to keep the water free of bacteria and the hot tub in great working order.


Hot tub and spa buying tips

Town and Country Pool contractors, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer hot tub & spa buying tips

Hot tubs, while they can be used year round, seem to see more “action” in the cooler months. It is an ideal spot to spend time after a long day at work out in the cold or if you simply want to take the chill out of your bones and muscles on a cold, snowy day. If your family loves the time it spends together in the swimming pool in the summer, transitioning to a hot tub in the off swimming months may be a natural progression the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Town and Country Pools explain.  Whether you install a hot tub for its therapeutic attributes or simply for fun, there are a few things to consider.

  1. A hot tub/spa can be a beautiful accessory to your backyard or deck, in addition to offering healthy comforts.
  2. From traditionally designed wooden barrel shaped hot tubs to fiberglass models, they come in myriad shapes and sizes and seat upwardsBest Spa-Hot Tub Contractor - Maryland - DC - Virginia of 12 people.
  3. Regardless of the style you choose, the water has to be treated and cared for just as your swimming pool does. The water needs to be circulated, filtered and treated in addition to being heated.
  4. The location of your hot tub or spa will be a consideration. Is there a secluded area of your yard where it would fit in perfectly? Do you have a deck that you want it installed on? Wherever you situate your hot tub, you have to take into consideration the plumbing and electric set up for it. Your hot tub can be heated by natural gas, electricity or propane.
  5. Prior to shopping for your hot tub you need to know how much you can afford to spend on the purchase and on the ongoing maintenance. You don’t want to skimp on quality because your hot tub is made to be a long-term investment for your family.
  6. How many people will use the hot tub regularly?
  7. Will you use the hot tub for relaxation, exercise or a bit of both? If you want the hot tub for therapeutic reasons, make sure you purchase hot tub jets that will address your particular needs.
  8. Will you need handlebars for support while getting in and out of the hot tub?
  9. Do you want padded or fiberglass benches?
  10. If the hot tub will be an entertainment hot spot, you might want to add a television, stereo, heated towel racks or other amenities.

A hot tub or spa is a great addition to your backyard and lifestyle. Have fun shopping and enjoy your spa experience!


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