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Should you have a poolside stereo?

Town & Country Pool builders offer swimming pool stereo considerations 

Having a themed swimming pool party will be even more fun, and set even more of an atmosphere if you have music that adds to it. Consider this: A Halloween party will benefit from a background of scary music. Won’t your Hawaiian luaua be more fun with some Hawaiian music? If you’re throwing a 50s theme party, image how much more fun it would be with the “right” music.

The swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pool Builders work with pool owners to not only make certain their is the best it can be, but they also help you with all of your outdoor living space amenities — including a stereo system.poolside stereo

Here are some things to consider when you’re planning for your outdoor music system:

  1. Have a budget in mind before you start shopping.
  2. Will you want to connect your indoor stereo to speakers that are out of doors? You can either to that or you can invest in a weather proof stereo system that can be independent of your in house stereo. The decision is  personal one. If you have a limited budget, though, connecting your outdoor speakers to the indoor receiver could save you money.
  3. The ideal speaker height should be about 10 feet from the ground as this will better distribute the sound. The ultimate placement for the speakers should be done after you’ve experimented for a bit. You want the music to be heard throughout, but you don’t want it to deafen any guests who may be sitting next to a speaker — it’s a delicate balancing act.

Adding a stereo system to your pool area is a great off-season project.

Is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

Town & Country Pool Builders offer pool renovation tip sheet

Your swimming pool, because you will spend so much time in it will eventually be in need of a renovation. When that time comes you may wonder:

  1. What are things I definitely need to do for my pool
  2. What are items I just want to do for my pool

In the northeast you need to consider that your pool will be subject to sometimes extreme shifts in weather and temperatures and this can take a toll on your swimming pool and its structure.

How will you know, though, when the time for a renovation project is on the horizon? Here are some items your pool contractor from Town and Country Pool Builders say you should consider:

  • Are the swimming pool tiles worn and slippery? Smooth tiles are a sign of the passage of time. One of the main reasons for a renovation project is to address safety issues.
  • Harsh weather leads to cracked tiles. Another good reason to keep your swimming pool covered when not in use and in the winter.
  • Is your existing pool too large or too small? Changes in the size of your family and the usage of the pool may lead to a renovation project. For example, if you can’t comfortably swim laps, it might be time to extend the length or width of your pool. This is a bigger undertaking, but might be something to consider.
  • If you bought your home and the pool came with it, you may want to renovate to make it more your own. Add a fountain, hot tub or a tanning shelf.
  • You want to upgrade or turn an end of the pool into a grotto by adding a rock waterfall or an overhang.
  • The pool equipment may be outdated and not as energy efficient as you’d like and that is an ideal reason to renovate and upgrade.

A renovation can be a major undertaking and that means you will want to plan it so you don’t lose too much summer swim time, this is especially true if you live in an area of the country where the summers are not all that long.


Should you own a swimming pool?

Town & Country Pool Builders, offer a 10-point pool readiness list

Is it time to become a swimming pool owner this year? A pool is an asset to your home that increases its value and allow you access to a vacation spot right in your yard. The swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools offer this 10-point checklist to help you make your decision on pool ownership this year:

  1. Unlike a family vacation, which is expensive and only lasts a week or two, a pool is something you will enjoy for months every year.
  2. Your swimming pool is a place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Pool Renovation Maryland
  3. It’s a mini vacation every time.
  4. Rest, relax and get a tan. We urge you to use sunscreen.
  5. A swimming pool balances your life
  6. Your pool will become the focal point of your family activities and is a great place to build memories.
  7. You work hard and you and your children deserve a swimming pool!
  8. Having a pool allows you to showcase your unique style, through the pool design to the landscaping, to the outdoor living space, let your fashion sense shine.
  9. It’s an entertainment hot spot.
  10. If you have a pool and want to upgrade, consider adding an outdoor kitchen, pool house, gazebo or water accessory.

Ask us about some “must do” items and add those to your “want to do” items and see where the pool project will take you!

How to Have an Eco Friendly Green Pool

Renovation Ideas From Town & Country Pool Builders for an Eco Friendly Green Pool

Eco friendly green pool projects have been on the rise in recent years. The reasons for these green pool upgrades are as unique as the pool owners who want them. Eco friendly pool renovations could save you money. They can also help lower your pool’s carbon footprint and save the environment. But most important, is that an eco friendly green pool can be a safer swim for your family.

Town & Country Pools Eco Friendly Green Pool Upgrade

Spend time with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools to uncover ways in which you can upgrade and update your swimming pool in an eco friendly manner. After you’re clear on the types of eco friendly upgrades available and the cost of them, you can put your renovation budget to work and decide what you can afford to do. Consider the bottom line savings, especially if you’re upgrading out of date pool equipment. You will also save going from a single speed pool pump to a variable speed model. You will need to make an investment up front in order to reap savings in the long run.

eco friendly green pool

Options for Upgrading to an Eco Friendly Pool

  • Naturally-filtered pools are popular. With a natural pool, your contractor will construct a natural pond adjacent to your pool. This second natural pool acts as a filter to clean the water in which you’re swimming. You will see a reduction in the need for pool chemicals. This is an ideal situation for those with skin sensitivities to pool chemicals.
  • Invest in a solar pool cover. These covers provide dual duty. They prevent water loss through evaporation and heat the water. If you want to heat the pool water, look for the most economical method you can afford to have installed. Solar panels are an up front cost, but pay for themselves rather quickly. .
  • The placement of water return jets in your hot tub or spa can add to, or subtract from, the operating costs. In many instances jets are placed a few inches from the surface of the water. This means the heat will dissipate quickly, meaning you will be spending more to heat the water. Ask us about redirecting the jets so the heated water is directed toward the bottom of the pool where it will help to warm it faster.

Pool Covers

Investing in a swimming pool cover and using with regularity will help you cut back on the amount of chemicals needed. The cover will help slow the rate of evaporation of the pool water. The cover will also save you time and money on pool cleaning services.

Contact Town & Country Pools

Ask us for more ideas for an eco friendly green pool upgrade. Contact Town & Country Pools today.

How to choose a pool builder

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving the DC, Maryland & Virginia areas, offer tips for choosing a pool builder

A pool project is the realization of a lifelong dream for many individuals. Because of that you need to take your time, do your homework and hire a quality swimming pool contractor. Where do you begin, though? Talk to friends and family first — word of mouth is always the best referral — if you don’t have friends with whom to confer, start with an internet search for pool builders in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area that serve your area.

You need to find a pool contractor that will afford you the best pool you can buy on your budget and offer it with professionalism and integrity. poolsHere are a few basics of what to look for:

  • Find one who can deliver what  you want — in terms of style, design and time frame of construction
  • Your potential contractor should have a portfolio of work performed so you can see if his style matches with what you want in your project
  • The pool contractor should have years of experience
  • Ask for former clients that you can speak with
  • He should be willing to come to your home to survey your landscape and help you determine the size and style of pool that might be an ideal fit
  • The contractor should be licensed and insured
  • He should also be able to walk you through the steps that go into obtaining pool building permits
  • Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints again the company
  • A professional contractor, that you can trust will never require you to pay the full price of the pool up front
  • Your pool contractor should be have a plan in place to notify you of potential delays or other project issues

Because a swimming pool is such a major investment you will need to perform due diligence before signing any contracts.

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