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  • How to maintain a hot tub

    T&C PoolsHow to maintain a hot tub, Town & Country Pool contractors explain Whether you have a stand-alone hot tub or spa or if your hot tub or spa was constructed as part of your swimming pool, you probably wondered about how to maintain a hot tub. You know that slipping into ... Read more
  • Cleaning pool tiles

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pool contractors clean pool tiles When it comes to pool maintenance tasks you may not have thought about cleaning pool tiles. If, however, you’ve noticed a chalky build up on the tiles at the waterline, you will want to have that cleaned before the scale build up is ... Read more
  • How Long Should Pool Pump Run?

    T&C Pools How Long Should Pool Pump Run? Town & Country Pool Builders Explain Running the swimming pool pump is a crucial part of keeping the pool water clean, clear and free of bacteria. When the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools visit customers in the Maryland area, one question they get ... Read more
  • How to landscape poolside

    T&C Pools How to landscape poolside, Town & Country Pool Builders explain If your pool is exposed to the sun all day, the water will be temperate and you’ll never have to use a pool heater. That’s great, right? Maybe not, especially if you live in Arizona, when the temperature is in the ... Read more
  • Hot tub safety tips for kids

    T&C PoolsHot tub safety tips for kids Town & Country Pool contractors explain  Adults understand the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of hot tubs. But if you have children in the house you may wonder at hot tub safety tips for kids. The heat from the water can easily dehydrate them and can ... Read more
  • Should I renovate my swimming pool?

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pools, serving DC. Maryland & Virginia share 5 pool renovation project ideas Should I renovate my swimming pool? This will be a question you will ask yourself after you’ve been a pool owner. The reasons for a renovation are as varied as the individuals who own swimming ... Read more
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