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  • Pool construction steps

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool builders explain pool construction steps What happens when you decide that you want a swimming pool? Many potential swimming pool owners really don’t know what happens once the decisions have been made and the contracts have been signed. It’s a long way from contract to jumping into ... Read more
  • What is a liquid solar pool cover?

    T&C PoolsVirginia, DC and Maryland pool contractors explain liquid pool cover technology  The contractors from Town & Country Pools in Virginia explain using a swimming pool cover is beneficial to the life of your pool. Did you know, though that there are “liquid solar pool covers” on the market? This has been available ... Read more
  • Should I get an in ground swimming pool?

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders answer the “should I get an in ground swimming pool?” question  The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools understand that making the investment in an in ground swimming pool is a MAJOR investment and because of that, it is not a decision that can ... Read more
  • Best gifts for swimming pool owners

    T&C PoolsBest Gifts for swimming pool owners Swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools know that if you have a swimming pool owner on the list of people you purchase gifts for there are many unique gifts you can give that will amp up the fun your friends or family have ... Read more
  • How to Have an Eco Friendly Green Pool

    T&C Pools Renovation Ideas From Town & Country Pool Builders for an Eco Friendly Green Pool Eco friendly green pool projects have been on the rise in recent years. The reasons for these green pool upgrades are as unique as the pool owners who want them. Eco friendly pool renovations could save you ... Read more
  • Building an inground pool with luxury swimming pool construction techniques

    T&C Pools Building an inground pool – Town & Country Pool Contractors explain options If you’ve finally decided to seek help building an inground pool, you may be overwhelmed by the options available. The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools in Virginia understand what goes into building an inground pool and ... Read more
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