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  • Is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders offer pool renovation tip sheet Your swimming pool, because you will spend so much time in it will eventually be in need of a renovation. When that time comes you may wonder:What are things I definitely need to do for my pool What are items I ... Read more
  • Three Swimming Pool Safety Tips

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Swimming Pool Builders in DC offer pool safety tips Being a swimming pool owner is a way to have fun in your backyard any time you want! Owning your own pool means you won’t have to fight the crowds at a beach or at public pools. It ... Read more
  • Lap Pool or Spa?

    T&C PoolsMaryland, DC & Virginia pool contractors explain lap pool and spa differences Swimming brings with it many health benefits, both short- and long-term. The cardio vascular benefits of swimming are amped up because you can get a great workout without putting any stress or strain on your bones and joints. ... Read more
  • Advantages of Concrete Swimming Pools

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders explain concrete swimming pool benefits Owning a swimming pool may be on the horizon for you and your family this year and if that’s the case, the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools explain that concrete swimming pools have many advantages over other ... Read more
  • Keep your Pets Safe Around the Swimming Pool

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool builders offer pet safety tips Swimming is great fun for everyone in the family — even your pets. You do need to pay special attention to your pets around the pool just as much as you pay attention to your children when they are in the ... Read more
  • How to choose pool ladders and stairs

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders explain how to choose pool ladders and stairs The choice of a pool ladder, stairs or even a beach entry is something that will not only impact the design of your swimming pool, but the amount of space you will have available for swimming. Ask ... Read more
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