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  • What does a concrete swimming pool cost?

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, DC & Virginia talk concrete pool costs Wanting to know the cost of the family swimming pool is, naturally, one of the first questions that a potential swimming pool owner will ask. “What does a concrete swimming pool cost?” is typically one of the ... Read more
  • Go eco-friendly with pool technology

    T&C PoolsTown and Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia talk eco-friendly tech  Are the terms eco- and environmentally-friendly something that you and your family are passionate about? Do you want to find a way to incorporate these into your swimming pool as well as the rest of your lifestyle? The ... Read more
  • What is luxury inground pool cantilever coping?

    Rex RichardHas your luxury inground pool contractor talked with you about coping? If he hasn’t, there is no doubt that you will want to talk with him immediately. You may want to have your pool contractor explain what coping is, and whether your pool’s coping is still performing as it ... Read more
  • Vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pool? How to choose

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, Virginia & DC explain pool construction materials Decisions. Decisions! One of the first decisions you will be asked to make when you’re shopping for a swimming pool for your backyard is what kind of building material you’d like. You can choose from vinyl, ... Read more
  • Prepare your home and yard for winter

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, DC & Maryland talk autumn clean up You know that not long after Labor Day you will be making a phone call to your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools to talk about closing the pool for winter. Labor Day, many people ... Read more
  • Getting ready for pool construction: Understand the language

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, Maryland & DC explain pool language You may not have considered it, but autumn is the best time of year to begin researching for a swimming pool construction project. Why? Because this time of year swimming pool contractors are not as busy, prices may ... Read more
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