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  • Swimming pool covers should be used for your Virginia pool year ’round

    Rex RichardSwimming pool and hot tub owners and swimming pool and hot tub contractors in Virginia understand that a cover should be part of the overall package when you’re having a swimming pool constructed or a hot tub installed. When it comes to keeping curious children, pets or wildlife out of ... Read more
  • Design your swimming pool

    Rex RichardDesign your swimming pool with tips from Town & Country Pool builders. There are so many options available how do you design your swimming pool? Do you stick with traditional styles? Do you design a pool that reflects your unique style? Do you invest in a vanishing edge pool because you ... Read more
  • Now’s the time to have a spa installed: Talk to your Maryland pool builder

    Rex RichardYou may have been the owner of a swimming pool for a while now, but you’re considering an upgrade but are not certain what you might want to do. How about having a  spa installed either as a stand alone option or as a part of your existing swimming pool. ... Read more
  • Researching for a Maryland swimming pool construction project

    Rex RichardEven though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean this isn’t the ideal time to begin the research necessary for a swimming pool project. Making the leap from “we think we want a swimming pool” to “signing on the dotted line,” may not be a straight path and will involve ... Read more
  • Swim lessons mean more fun in your Virginia swimming pool

    Rex RichardWhether you grew up around water or are new to swimming pools and swimming pool ownership, families who have pools know that before they can help their children get into the water, they have to first become comfortable with the water themselves. It is truly never too late to learn ... Read more
  • Rectangular vs. Freeform Pool

    CiaWhen deciding on what shape pool you would like to build in your backyard, there are a few factors to keep in mind: COST: We get asked all of the time if a rectangular pool is more expensive than a freeform (any shape other than a rectangle) pool. The simple answer is ... Read more
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