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  • Staycation fun in your own Virginia swimming pool

    Rex RichardWhen it comes to cool fun under the hot summer sun there’s nothing better than staycation fun in your own Virginia swimming pool. With your own pool you don’t have to fight the crowds to get to a beach nor do you have to swim through the masses at a ... Read more
  • Eco Friendly Pools Maryland

    Rex Richard Eco Friendly Pools Many swimming pool owners are wary about their children swimming in eco friendly pools that are cleaned with chemical methods, many swimming pool contractors in the Maryland area have been helping them come up with methods of keeping the pool water clean, clear, and bacteria free that do ... Read more
  • Update your landscaping: Talk with a Virginia pool contractor

    Rex RichardHow much time do you spend outside in the summertime in and around your swimming pool? Chances are, it is countless hours and while you spend much of that time in the water itself, what does your outdoor living space look like? Is it a complement to your swimming pool ... Read more
  • Maryland swimming pool builders talk hot tub benefits

    Rex RichardNo longer are spas and hot tubs bulky objects, they are sleek, streamlined structures that fit into many backyard landscape designs. Hot tubs and spas are luxurious water-filled objects of relaxation have come a long way since they were first on the market. Swimming pool and hot tub contractors in ... Read more
  • It’s never too late for swim lessons for Virginia pool owners

    Rex RichardSwim lessons for many children¬†are part of physical education classes in school or learned while swimming in the family pool or at a friend’s home. For adults, though, there are still some who cannot swim and who simply haven’t had the opportunity. If you’re a homeowner and are considering the ... Read more
  • Renovation projects to consider for your Maryland pool

    Rex RichardDid your home come with a swimming pool or have you had one for a while and now you’ve decided it’s ready to upgrade and update it? As with anything in your home — whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen or your swimming pool and outdoor living space, there will come ... Read more
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