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  • Budget for an in-ground swimming pool

    Rex Richard Town & Country Pool Builders, serving the Maryland, Virginia and DC areas offer pool budget ideas Putting together a budget for your swimming pool project is the first step in the process of becoming a swimming pool owners. The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools in Maryland say you ... Read more
  • What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

    T&C PoolsMaryland, DC & Virginia swimming pool contractors explain swimming pool costs What will it cost to be a swimming pool owner? How much does it cost to have a swimming pool constructed? What will the ongoing costs of swimming pool ownership, upkeep, maintenance and increases in utility bills be? The ... Read more
  • High end accessories for your Virginia swimming pool

    T&C PoolsDo you want a swimming pool that will make you the envy of friends and family alike? Of course! You certainly don’t want your swimming pool to be a cookie cutter design, but how can you set your pool apart? You can add some high end accessories. Consider these: an ... Read more
  • Pool contractors offer swimmer skin care tips

    T&C PoolsSwimming is an ideal summer past time. ¬†Swimming can also take its toll on your skin regardless of whether you are a recreational swimmer or if you swim for exercise and competition only. If you’re planning to spend hours in the pool you need to plan to spend hours caring for ... Read more
  • Top Ten Reasons To Own A Swimming Pool

    Rex RichardShould you have a swimming pool? If you ask your children, chances are they will give you a resounding, “yes!” But, as an adult, you may need a bit more convincing, right? If you’re still on the fence about … taking the plunge… into swimming pool ownership, here are a ... Read more
  • Budget for your Virginia swimming pool project

    T&C PoolsDoes your family want to spend its summer budget on an exotic vacation get away or invest it in a swimming pool that will delight the family for years to come? We’re betting you will go with a swimming pool of your very own rather than a vacation that will ... Read more
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