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  • Swimming pool upgrade and renovation projects

    Rex RichardSwimming pool contractors in DC, Virginia & Maryland offer pool renovation ideas With a storm predicted to hit the east coast and with the calendar turned to November, chances are swimming has wrapped up at your home and in your backyard pool (and chances are you have turned your attentions ... Read more
  • Hot tub and spa buying tips

    T&C PoolsTown and Country Pool contractors, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer hot tub & spa buying tips Hot tubs, while they can be used year round, seem to see more “action” in the cooler months. It is an ideal spot to spend time after a long day at work out ... Read more
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

    Rex RichardIf you’re a swimming pool owner or if you’re in the process of becoming a swimming pool owner, pool contractors that serve the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas will tell you that they bring luxury beyond compare, but they also bring work and maintenance responsibilities. A swimming pool provides a ... Read more
  • Build a pool house this summer

    Rex RichardVirginia, DC & Maryland pool contractors explain pool house benefits How much time do you spend outside around your swimming pool? Do you have an area that is conducive to hanging out around the pool when you’re not swimming? Do you have a good area where you can change into and ... Read more
  • Building permits needed for swimming pool construction

    Rex RichardVirginia, Maryland & DC pool contractors help obtain building permits Investing in a swimming pool is more than finding the ideal swimming pool contractor, the pool builders from Town & Country Pools explain, it is about working with local building and zoning officials to assure you have the right clearances for ... Read more
  • How to choose a swimming pool project

    T&C PoolsSwimming pool contractors, serving DC, Virginia and Maryland offer 5 ways to choose your pool project Are you going to have a swimming pool constructed this summer? If you have decided, and budgeted for a new pool project, now would be the ideal time to start meeting with the swimming pool ... Read more
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