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  • Researching a swimming pool project: 4 considerations

    Rex Richard Town & Country Pool contractors, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer 5 pool questions Chances are you know someone who owns a pool — or maybe more than one person — and you’ve decided that this year you and your family will join the ranks of pool owners in Virginia. ... Read more
  • Why do you want a swimming pool? A checklist

    Rex RichardPool builders in DC, Maryland & Virginia ask the question: Why do you want a pool? Understanding your motivation for wanting to own a swimming pool is the first step in determining the style and type of pool you will ultimately decide to invest in. While there is no question you ... Read more
  • Is your pool water too hot?

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pool builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer water cool-down tricks You may not think about it today — especially if you’re living in an area of the country that is being plagued by cold temperatures, but what happens when summer hits and hits hard and your pool ... Read more
  • Organize your backyard and your home for 2015

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer home organization tips This is the perfect time of year to put together a plan for organizing both your home and your backyard (and that includes your swimming pool).  The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders  understand ... Read more
  • Pool water-saving tips

    Rex RichardTown & Country Pool Builders provide water conservation tips for pool owners Did you know that evaporation and loss of water from splashing can mean you’re filling your pool on a regular basis? Have you ever stopped to think about how much that is costing you? Chances are, when you first ... Read more
  • The benefit of wide swimming pool steps

    Rex RichardLuxury pool builder explains the benefits of wide swimming pool steps. As if you needed another item to add to your to-do list when it comes to swimming pool construction, right? ... Read more
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