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  • How to choose a pool design

    T&C PoolsHow to choose a pool design, Town & Country Pool Contractors offer tips The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Builders understands that choosing the “perfect” design for your family swimming pool can be a daunting task. They offer tips and advice to their clients to help them narrow down ... Read more
  • What should you have in your swimming pool

    T&C PoolsWhat should you have in your swimming pool? Town & Country Pool Builders explain ¬† Are there “must haves” for a swimming pool project? The answer is yes… and no. Why? Because what one family considers a must have may not be a must have for another family. When you’re talking ... Read more
  • How to close a swimming pool

    T&C PoolsHow to close a swimming pool, Town & Country Pool Builders explain  Chances are your swimming pool has been closed for the season already. But if you have a swimming pool heater, you may still be enjoying time in the water. If the night time air is getting too cold and ... Read more
  • How to build a concrete pool?

    Rex Richard Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC. Maryland & Virginia explain gunite pool benefits Choosing the building material for your swimming pool is one of the many decisions you will need to make when beginning the journey toward swimming pool ownership. The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools ... Read more
  • Choosing pool contractor

    T&C PoolsTown & Country Pools, serving DC, Virginia & Maryland explain how to choose a pool builder Choosing a pool contractor is the first and sometimes the most difficult part of becoming a swimming pool owner. Don’t let the decision overwhelm you, though, because when you work with an experienced pool contractor ... Read more
  • How to Landscape Around Pool

    Rex Richard Landscape Around Pool Town and Country Pool Builders, Serving DC, Virginia & Maryland Offer Landscaping Ideas The pool in your backyard is, no doubt, the focal point of your entire landscape so you should ensure your landscape around pool is accentuates your pool. To add to that and enhance the aesthetic beauty ... Read more
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