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How to close a swimming pool

How to close a swimming pool, Town & Country Pool Builders explain 

Chances are your swimming pool has been closed for the season already. But if you have a swimming pool heater, you may still be enjoying time in the water. If the night time air is getting too cold and the heater is getting too costly to run, it might be time to call the swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools and schedule a pool closing date. How to close a swimming pool is something they can explain if you’re a do it yourselfer, or many people opt to hire a professional to take on the task for them.

How to close a swimming pool

  • He will balance the pool water chemistry and adjust them to levels that don’t allow for algae to grow during the winter months when you’re not circulating the water or adding chlorine to keep it free of algae.
  • He will remove the pool accessories. Pool items such as ladders, pool toys and others will be removed and you will want to store them in a safe location for the winter.
  • The pool water level will be reduced, either by using a submersible pump. The water will be lowered to about 18 inches below the pool coverskimmer level.
  • All of the water will be drained from the filters, pumps, heaters and any chlorinating equipment as well as the vacuum hoses. Once everything is drained and removed, you will need to find a safe place to store it for the winter months.
  • The pool’s o-rings will likely be lubricated to keep them from drying and cracking during the cold winter months and when the rings aren’t exposed to any water on the off season.
  • The pool will be thoroughly cleaned before the winter cover goes on. Keeping it as clean as possible will make the spring opening easier and will help prevent any algae build up.
  • All of the pool plumbing will be winterized to prevent any cracking from frozen water in the plumbing. The water will be drained from the plumbing, pool antifreeze will be added and the lines will be plugged with caps.
  • Winterizing algaecide will be added. The pool water will be super chlorinated as part of the winterization process.
  • Floating items will be added to the water to help prevent freezing.
  • After everything is taken care of the pool cover will be put in place. You want to make certain, throughout the winter season, that the cover remains in place. If there is a build up of snow or rain, ask your pool contractor whether you should remove standing water and the best way in which to do that so you don’t damage the cover.





If you have a hot tub, you may still be using that throughout the season, but ask your pool contractor whether there are additional steps that need to be taken to keep the water free of bacteria and the hot tub in great working order.


Plan your 2017 swimming pool project

Maryland Pool Contractors say, plan your 2017 swimming pool project now

Summer is over and swimming pool builders in Maryland and Virginia have breathing room and time and space on their construction calendars. The swimming pool contractors at Town & Country Pool Builders say now is the best time to plan your 2017 swimming pool project.

When you’re in the pre-planning phase the first thing you need to do is to put together a budget for the entire construction project. This will include:

  1. The pool
  2. The equipment
  3. Costs for ongoing cleaning and maintenance
  4. Increases in utility bills for running the pool equipmentswimming pool
  5. Planning for any landscaping or outdoor living space

Some things to consider for pool placement include, the entry point for either a hot tub or a swimming pool so it is easy for friends and family to access. Access to the pool through the kitchen or family room is better than through your bedroom or other private home space.

Plan your 2017 swimming pool project

When planning the pool placement, ask for a birds-eye view of the pool. This allows you to see how it will look in relation to the home and any other outbuildings you may have. Determine what trees or shrubs will be impacted, if any, by the placement of the swimming pool. You will also want to pay attention to the way in which the sun tracks across your yard throughout the day.

When looking for a swimming pool contractor, look for one who will help you navigate the maze of building permits that will be needed for your project. For safety and compliance reasons, every municipality has its own laws construction of swimming pools, fence requirements and yard/property line set backs.  Your pool builder will also work with utility companies to determine whether there are any buried utility lines.

Part of the placement of the pool will involve determining the slope of the land. The success of project will hinge on water flowing away from the pool, not into it. Prior to construction your builder will make certain there is enough space to maneuver in the backyard if there are any overhead wires.

Pre-planning of your swimming pool or hot tub construction project will help make the entire event go more smoothly and allow you to have a pool that your family will enjoy for years to come. If you start the pre-planning now, construction might be able to be started before the year is our and that means when 2017 rolls around you and your family will have a swimming pool that is swim-ready!


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