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How to landscape poolside

How to landscape poolside, Town & Country Pool Builders explain

If your pool is exposed to the sun all day, the water will be temperate and you’ll never have to use a pool heater. That’s great, right? Maybe not, especially if you live in Arizona, when the temperature is in the triple digits; this could heat your water to uncomfortable levels for fun and swimming. Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools about how to landscape poolside to keep your pool comfortable and enhance the time you spend pool side.

Because if you and your family are enjoying the pool, the sun could be baking you and you won’t have an option to leave the pool and simply lounge poolside if there isn’t any shade.

What can you do to enjoy yourself outside even when the sun is at its peak? There are myriad ways to go with pool-side shading and landscaping. You can plant trees that will offer escape from the hottest part of the day under its leafy branches and boughs but remember, with trees come leaves, bugs and other debris that will be depositing themselves within your pool and cause you extra cleaning and maintenance and could also clog your pool drains. Keep in mind, too that if your pool area is too shaded, the water will never warm up!

How to landscape poolside

Some options to consider for landscaping:

  • Awnings – you can have an awning – retractable or permanent installed that will extend from the house. This option hinges on how close your pool is to your house.
  • Pergolas and gazebos – these permanent structures offer shaded areas and are typically large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture, chaise lounges and even outdoor kitchen set ups
  • Umbrellas – these movable shade providers come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and can be easily moved from location to location and even if you decide to plant one semi-permanently, they typically move, spin and bend to offer shade in different areas

There are ways to add shade to your backyard pool area. Talk with us for advice or talk with a home improvement contractor.

Hot tub safety tips for kids

Hot tub safety tips for kids Town & Country Pool contractors explain 

Adults understand the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of hot tubs. But if you have children in the house you may wonder at hot tub safety tips for kids. The heat from the water can easily dehydrate them and can lead to injury. A child can use a hot tub, but the adults need to be vigilant in limiting the amount of time the kids spend in the hot tub.

Hot tub safety tips for kids

Constant supervision is the number one safety rule in and around a hot tub or a swimming pool. There should be a “no running” or rough-housing rule on the deck as well. Your deck can become slippery when wet and could lead to slips, falls or even head injuries.inground pool

While in a hot tub, make certain your kids understand they can stand the seats to keep their heads above water. Again, though a child, or even an adult, should never be in the water alone and unsupervised.

The use of the hot tub should also be determined by the age of the child. An infant is likely not a good candidate for a hot tub soak, but a toddler might just enjoy splashing around with mom and dad for a short time.

The hot tub should be covered and locked when not in use. A cover keeps curious children (and animals) from falling in and drowning. Diligent use of a hot tub cover also keeps the water free from debris and traps the heated water and could lower your utility bills. Invest in the cover at the same time you purchase your hot tub or spa.

Long hair can be a danger to a child — or an adult. Make sure long hair is under a cap or in a bun on top of your head to prevent any suction incidents. These incidents occur more often than most people realize and can result in drowning.

Minimize the amount of time your children spend in the hot tub. A child’s internal body temperature rises more quickly than an adult’s it can get dangerous, quickly. Ten minutes is a safe maximum limit for children.

If you’re going to be having children in the hot tub with you with any regularity, you may want to consider lowering the temperature of the water so everyone can enjoy it together.


Design your swimming pool

swimming pool construction Design your swimming pool with tips from Town & Country Pool builders.

There are so many options available how do you design your swimming pool? Do you stick with traditional styles? Do you design a pool that reflects your unique style? Do you invest in a vanishing edge pool because you have a yard with a view?

These and many other questions can be answered by spending time with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools.  It can be mind-boggling when faced with the designing of your swimming pool, in addition to needing to choose equipment and accessories.

Deciding means making decisions on the building material, size, the colors of the liner and kind of deck. You need to envision what the backyard will look like once the pool project is completed as it will become the focal point of the landscape.

Design your swimming pool

Virginia swimming pool builders say the design phase is one of the most exciting parts of the process:

  • Flip through architecture, interior design or travel magazines for inspiration for it. Ask your potential pool builder for photos of work they’ve completed.  Browse the internet for pool builders to see if they have any galleries of designs that catch your eye. You don’t have to necessarily look at local pool builders, you can look nationwide and then find a local pool builder to see if he or she can duplicate the design you found.
  • The construction materials you choose for your deck will also lend to the backyard decor and the overall look and feel of your swimming pool. If you find a pool deck design that you like but the colors are simply too “loud” for your tastes ask to see what that design might look like in more muted colors.
  • Attend real estate open houses to find inspiration from the swimming pools at those houses.
  • Ask contractors for photos of projects they’ve completed.
  • What kind of accessories do you want in your pool? A diving board? Slide? Fountain? Rock waterfall? A hot tub or spa? Beach entry? Consider these during your research and when you talk with your pool contractor.

Let your imagination run wild in the design phase. You may need to rein it in when you put your budget together, but explore everything in the beginning and narrow the project down later. Have your budget in place when you meet with the pool builder; he can tell you whether your budget will fit into the ideas you’re presenting and can work with you on ways to stay within your budget but still get the pool of your dreams.

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