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Should I get an in ground swimming pool?

Town & Country Pool Builders answer the “should I get an in ground swimming pool?” question 

The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools understand that making the investment in an in ground swimming pool is a MAJOR investment and because of that, it is not a decision that can be undertaken lightly. After you’ve put your budget together — or maybe even before you’ve put your budget together — you need to understand the deep down reasons you want to become a swimming pool owner. Yes, swimming is fun. Yes, it’s great exercise. Yes, a pool will add to the value of your home. There are myriad reasons you may want a swimming pool, but ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do we NEED a pool? “Need” may be a strong word, but you may decide that yes, you do NEED it. Why? It’s a great investment. You’ve been saving for one for years. Your family enjoys staycations and your own pool would make those even more enjoyable. You want to get in shape. You want to entertain friends and family. Whatever your reasons, write them down — all of them as they will help you make your final decision. swimming pool cover
  2. How will you use your pool? Will you use it for fun and games with the kids? For entertaining business colleagues? Swimming laps? A combination of all of those? Knowing how you will use the pool will help you choose the best pool design to suit your unique needs.
  3. Do you love your landscaping? If you have a tree or garden that you love and can’t bring yourself to excavate to accommodate a swimming pool, will you want a free-form pool that will curve gently around them? Understanding what you simply can’t give up will help you determine the type, style and shape of pool you ultimately get.
  4. Where will you spend time when you’re not in the pool? Don’t forget to consider your outdoor living space as part of the overall pool project because you won’t spend all of your time in the water. You want to make certain the space surrounding the pool is welcoming and relaxing.
  5. What accessories do you want in your in ground swimming pool? Do you want a beach entry? A diving board? A slide? A hot tub? Sun shelves? There are many other options from which to choose and understanding what you’d like will help when you’re meeting with a pool contractor so he can fully understand the scope of the pool project you’re seeking.

This is a very short list of items to consider when you’re making your wish list for becoming a pool owner this year. What are you waiting for!?

Best gifts for swimming pool owners

Best Gifts for swimming pool owners

Swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools know that if you have a swimming pool owner on the list of people you purchase gifts for there are many unique gifts you can give that will amp up the fun your friends or family have in the swimming pool. If you own a swimming pool or know someone who does, chances are you know how much they cost to keep up and running and the water clean and the equipment in top shape; it can be an expensive undertaking. You could always give pool noodles or other toys or pool floats or rafts, but why not gift the pool owner in your life with an item that will help relieve some of the costs of pool maintenance and care.

What kind of items? Here are of the best gifts for swimming pool owners to consider: 

  1. A remote control swimming pool skimmer. This device is useful and inexpensive. A swimming pool skimmer helps with pool maintenance by skimming the top of the water and scooping up floating debris. To save your pool owning friend time, and not having to skim the pool him- or herself, a remote control pool skimmer floats on the top and sucks up floating debris. Your friends can be in the pool while the skimmer is at work. Beautiful-View-by-Pool-300x199
  2. Pool chemicals. If your friend performs the maintenance on the pool on his or her own, they will have to invest in pool chemicals regularly. Find out what chemicals they use and gift them with those! If you know what pool service contractor they use, offer to pay for a month of service. It’s a win-win! You’re giving a great gift and they’re saving money.
  3. A leaf net. This is ideal for anyone who has a pool that is plagued by falling leaves and debris. A leaf net is placed on top of the pool either during the swim season or during winter and is a lightweight covering that allows them to remove leaves before they become wet and heavy.
  4. A robotic pool cleaner is one of the best gifts for swimming pool owners. This object works the same way as the in home automatic vacuums do — you drop it in, turn it on and the robotic pool cleaner does the work. Some models will clean the sides of the pool as well. This device allows your friends to have a clean pool without the sometimes back breaking work of manually vacuuming.

This list is for the adults, so don’t forget the pool toys for the kids as those are always welcome gifts! Ask us if you’re looking for other pool gift ideas.

Should I renovate my pool?

Town & Country Pool Builders, answer, “should I renovate my pool”?

Is your swimming pool showing signs of love and wear? Have you purchased a home that came with a swimming pool? Do you want to add some oomph to your existing pool without performing a complete remodel? If so you may be asking, “should I renovate my pool”? To that, the swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools explain, you might want to undertake a complete remodel, an upgrade to existing pool equipment to more energy efficient models, or you might want to add water features. Now that the 2016 swim season is under way you may be thinking of ways to upgrade before the season starts next year — and this is the ideal time to do just that! spill over spa

A swimming pool renovation project could be part of a “want to do” list or a “must do” list to address pool flaws or to replace equipment. Here are some to consider:

  • Is the tile cracked or faded? Fading may  mean you’ll want an upgrade for aesthetic reasons. Cracked tiles are a must do list because they can lead to an injury or could lead to further structural damage.
  • Is your pool leaking? Harsh weather leads to cracking a potential leak. A leaking pool wastes money, but damage the structural integrity.
  • Is it time to expand your pool to accommodate a larger family If you can’t swim laps, it might be time to extend the length. If you have a lap pool that is too small to accommodate family fun, you may want a larger pool.
  • Do you ant a diving board or slide? A hot tub or spa? A fountain? Tanning shelves? Add those to your wish list of pool remodeling projects.
  • Are you using a single speed pump? Did you know this could be costing you an inordinate amount of money? Ask us about the money-saving benefits of a variable speed pool pump.
  • Upgrade or update your pool filter to a different style.
  • Ask us for ideas on renovation items that make sense based on the way your family uses the pool.

After we’ve inspected the structure and equipment, sit down and prepare a budget for the items and determine which ones to begin and get on the contractors’ construction schedule and you’ll greet the 2015 swim season with a “new to you” pool!

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