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Why choose a concrete swimming pool?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC & Virginia, offer reasons to choose a concrete swimming pool 

Concrete pools are popular because they’re beautiful, long lasting and allow the pool owner to let his or her imagination run wild when it comes to pool design options. When you choose a concrete, aka gunite, swimming pool the pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders explain, you are choosing a pool that is durable, can accommodate complex shapes and because they are so strong, pool owners drastically reduce repairs. A potential drawback to a concrete pool is that because of its rough design, there are areas for bacteria and algae to take hold, but proper pool maintenance and service should keep that issue at bay.

Why should you choose a concrete swimming pool? Pebble Sheen Desert Gold - Haymarket, Virginia

  1. They won’t rip or tear the way fiberglass or vinyl liner pool could.
  2. Your pool design can be as unique as you are. Concrete allows for a pool design that fits your yard, regardless of its shape and can be designed in literally any shape you can dream up.
  3. A concrete pool project takes longer than other styles, but they will last a lifetime.
  4. Choose from myriad coatings and colors for the pool and even include flecks of quartz or other tones to add to the unique beauty of your pool.
  5. Concrete swimming pools add to the resale value of your home and can also increase its overall value.

There are many decisions you will need to make when you decide to become a swimming pool owner, not the least of which is the building material. You will work with your pool contractor to discuss accessories, pool equipment, landscape design and much more!


Benefits of spa covers

Town & Country Pool Builders explain spa cover benefits

Whether you use your spa year round or if you enjoy it more frequently in the winter or cooler months, the swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders explain that having a cover — and being diligent in the use of the spa cover has many benefits. Having access to a  spa and being able to use it when the cold weather has set in and you have a chill in your bones, means you will want to do what you can to protect it from the elements.

Here are some of the many benefits that using a hot tub brings with it:

  • These covers help prevent evaporation. This can save you both money on water and on chemicals.  It’s easier to maintain the correct chemical balances if the water has not evaporated.
  • A spa cover will also prevent the heat from the water from escaping. If you keep the spa water warm you will find it’s quicker to heat it up to soaking temperatures. You will also not be allowing the heat to simply escape into the atmosphere.
  • Using a spa cover means that dirt and debris will stay out of the spa. This will cut back on cleaning and maintenance. 

If you have children or pets in the house you may want to look into a safety or a walk on spa cover. Standard spa covers appear sturdy but may not support the weight of a child or a pet. You will want to make certain the area is fenced but using a safety cover is an additional layer of safety for those with pets or children.

These walk on covers are also ideal for spa owners who live in areas that are prone to snowfall as the cover will keep the snow from falling in. A standard cover may not be sturdy enough to do this.

Talk with us to find out the ideal cover for your particular needs and to make certain you have a cover that fits snugly to keep your spa protected.



The benefit of wide swimming pool steps

Luxury pool builder explains the benefits of wide swimming pool steps.

As if you needed another item to add to your to-do list when it comes to swimming pool construction, right? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders explain that when you’re building an inground pool, you may need to think about who will be using the pool. If swimmers include those with limited mobility or aging family members, wide swimming pool steps can help ease ingress and egress. An old-fashioned metal ladder is not your only option! Customers should talk to their swimming pool contractor about having wide pool steps with handrails installed. Don’t worry that this choice will negatively impact the aesthetics of the pool; it won’t! A luxury inground pool designer can make wide swimming pool steps look as beautiful as they are functional.

Benefits of Wide Steps for an Inground Pool

Easy to Clean – Wide swimming pool steps are easy to clean because they don’t offer “hidden” areas in which algae can grow.

Safety – Wide swimming pool steps are also safer for everyone who uses the pool. If you have aging relatives or young children who need to be carried, wide  pool steps are a safer alternative.

Design Asthetic – A luxury inground pool needs a great design, right down to the steps. Wide swimming pool steps can add to the overall design of your pool.

Before You Begin – Luxury Inground Pool Considerations

If you’re adding wide steps as part of your construction project, you will need to make adjustments in size of the overall pool shape to accommodate the installation of the wider steps. You may also lose swimming area, unless you include the wide steps as part of the non-swimming area and extend the swim area itself.

But My Swimming Pool Has a Ladder!

If your pool has a ladder, there are precautions to make certain that it is as safe as can be. That includes making sure there are no loose or sharp edges and that the ladder is securely anchored. Your pool contractor will inspect pool accessories to assure everything is in working order and securely fastened.

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