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Storage Ideas for off-season pool accessories

Town & Country Pool contractors, serving Virginia, Maryland & DC offer pool storage solutions 

There’s a slight chill in the air and that means you may be thinking about closing your pool. You don’t want to, but it’s inevitable. If you’re at the stage of closing your pool for the season, you can take a few steps now to begin packing away your pool accessories and pool patio furniture. Many of these storage ideas can perform double duty for both in-season and off-season storage.

Here are a few ideas from the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools for storing your pool equipment:

Teak Storage Chest From Front Gate

  1. Using a storage bin as a way to have pool items accessible for the following season, but safely stored for the season. In a storage bin, they won’t be subjected to the ravages of winter. Wash and thoroughly dry all items before you store them. Inflatables should be hosed off, dried thoroughly and deflated before storage.
  2. Benches and outdoor ottomans can provide a place to sit as well as a place for storage. Look for items that are aesthetically pleasing, but functional to store toys, towels and pool items such as sun block or beach shoes.
  3. When you’re constructing an outdoor living space, consider vertical storage. For instance, you could have a fence constructed that is beautiful and functional and can be used to hold towels, toys, pool safety items such as your life jackets, pool cleaning items such as skimmers and outdoor cooking utensils.
  4. Have a pool house constructed. It can be as simple as a shed to hold pool items or as elaborate as a place for guests to change clothes, shower before and after swimming, hold a washing machine and dryer and a place large enough to accommodate overnight guests.
  5. An elevated deck or an above ground swimming pool has “built in” storage space. Consider the aesthetics of it when you’re storing items. Construct walls and add a door so the items are stored, out of view and the area remains aesthetically appealing.
  6. Store pool furniture during the off-season.  times may mean you remove, then clean the cushions, allow them to dry and store them out of the elements. You may not have an area large enough to store the furniture itself and if this is the case you may want to consider buying tarps to cover them during the snowy, winter months as a way to protect them from the elements.

When we are out performing our winter pool closing and maintenance, we will remove items from your swimming pool and give them to you for safe off-season keeping and you will want to have an area dedicated to the storage of these pool items; it could be as simple as a dry area in your garage or other storage unit.










What’s on your pool construction wish list?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia talk pool construction wish lists

A swimming pool construction project is not one to be undertaken lightly. There are so many items to think about, not the least of which is which pool builder in Maryland to work with, what kind and size of pool you want, what accessories your family wants in the pool, where to place it and what material to construct it from. Whew! It’s mind boggling!

Working with an experienced, skilled pool contractor will help assure you’re getting the best pool for your family budget and that your pool contractor is listening to you and your wants and needs in the family pool. Communication is key in a project of this magnitude.

Here are questions to ask the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools when you meet with them:Pool Renovation Maryland

  • Have a wish list that includes all accessories (diving board, sun shelves, hot tub) as well as the size you think you’d like. Note everything you’d love to have in the pool.
  • You need to know how much you can spend for both the pool project and the ongoing pool maintenance. Don’t forget to factor in increases in utility bills — your pool contractor can offer you advise on these numbers.
  • Create a pool design scrapbook as it will be easier to show photos of pool designs you like rather than trying to describe it to your pool contractor.
  • Ask your pool contractor to explain the differences in gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass pool styles. You need to have all of the information so you can make an informed decision.  Each style has a unique price point as well as maintenance and upkeep advantages and disadvantages. Ask a potential pool builder to thoroughly explain the differences and make your decision from an informed point of view.
  • Do your homework on a potential pool contractor. Seek out more than one estimate for your pool project. Also, ask the potential pool builder for contact information for prior clients with whom he has worked, contact them and gauge their happiness with the process.

A swimming pool project is a major commitment in time and money and you need to do your due diligence to assure you are getting the best possible contractor possible.

Plan for swimming pool shade

Town & Country Pool builders offer shade options for pool owners

The sun is one of the things we love the most in the summer, but when it comes to swimming in your family pool, there might be times when you just want to get away from the sun and relax in the shade, right? The swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools know that it’s ideal to have your swimming pool water benefit from the heat of the sun, but it’s also great to have a space to relax poolside without having to be in direct sunlight. To achieve this, you need to do some strategic thinking on shade and pool placement and design.

Planting trees is one way to get shade, but trees could bring the following issues with them:Pebble Sheen Blue Granite - Potomac, Maryland

  1. Leaves or sap that can fall into the water
  2. Roots that could grow too large and damage the pool structure
  3. Birds and bird poo
  4. Branches that overhang the pool could block too much of the sun
  5. Branches that overhang the pool could break off in a storm and damage the pool

Here are some shade ideas:

  • Plant shade trees with care. Ask us which trees work best for poolside planting.  What species won’t drop too many leaves or sap into the pool. Which trees have a small enough root structure to not damage the pool.
  • Umbrellas are colorful, flexible, typically inexpensive and offer myriad shade opportunities. They can be movable or umbrella bases can be built into the deck to make them permanent.
  • Awnings are stylish, can be made from material that is UVA and UVB rated safe and can open or close, depending on the weather.
  • Add a permanent structure in the form of a pergola or a pool house.
  • The original placement of the pool will lend, or not, itself to shade during the summer months. Track the path of the sun so you understand the best place for pool placement.
  • Utilize your safety fence as a shade provider. Safety fences are more than utilitarian structures.

Of the many things you need to consider during your pool construction, shade might not have figured into your thoughts, but they should!


Should you have a poolside stereo?

Town & Country Pool builders offer swimming pool stereo considerations 

Having a themed swimming pool party will be even more fun, and set even more of an atmosphere if you have music that adds to it. Consider this: A Halloween party will benefit from a background of scary music. Won’t your Hawaiian luaua be more fun with some Hawaiian music? If you’re throwing a 50s theme party, image how much more fun it would be with the “right” music.

The swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pool Builders work with pool owners to not only make certain their is the best it can be, but they also help you with all of your outdoor living space amenities — including a stereo system.poolside stereo

Here are some things to consider when you’re planning for your outdoor music system:

  1. Have a budget in mind before you start shopping.
  2. Will you want to connect your indoor stereo to speakers that are out of doors? You can either to that or you can invest in a weather proof stereo system that can be independent of your in house stereo. The decision is  personal one. If you have a limited budget, though, connecting your outdoor speakers to the indoor receiver could save you money.
  3. The ideal speaker height should be about 10 feet from the ground as this will better distribute the sound. The ultimate placement for the speakers should be done after you’ve experimented for a bit. You want the music to be heard throughout, but you don’t want it to deafen any guests who may be sitting next to a speaker — it’s a delicate balancing act.

Adding a stereo system to your pool area is a great off-season project.

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