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Prepare your home and yard for winter

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, DC & Maryland talk autumn clean up

You know that not long after Labor Day you will be making a phone call to your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools to talk about closing the pool for winter. Labor Day, many people feel is the unofficial end to summer and chances are you will have had a final swimming party in the works. Once that is over though it might be time to give your yard and your home a once over to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming cooler and potentially snowy weather.

The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools offer these indoor and outdoor and swimming pool items to address:Cover Ward 2

  • Get ready to store your pool and patio furniture. Wash it, dry it and find a place to store it. Wash any rafts or inflatables before you take the air out. Don’t store anything unless it is completely dry to prevent mold growth.
  • Clean your deck. If it needs a new coat of paint or stain, do it before the snow flies. Remove flaking paint. Washing it. Sand down rough areas then paint or stain.
  • Your swimming pool contractor can get you on a calendar to come and close your pool for the season on a time you’ve chosen. You may be cleaning up your backyard and getting your home ready for the season, but may not want to close the pool just yet.
  • Make certain the windows and doors in your home are properly caulked and weather proofed.
  • Drain garden hoses and store them. Turn off the exterior faucets.
  • Check and clean your home’s gutters and make certain the downspouts aren’t pointing toward the swimming pool.
  • Make “autumn” cleaning as much of a tradition as spring cleaning. Clean your closets. Clean your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Clean out the refrigerator. Have the carpets cleaned. Wash the walls. Clean the furniture! Since your home will be closed up for so many months, make certain you’re breathing clean air.
  • Have your furnace cleaned and inspected before it turns on the first time of the season.

Winter is a fact of life. Embrace it assured in the knowledge that summer will be here before you know it!


Getting ready for pool construction: Understand the language

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, Maryland & DC explain pool language

You may not have considered it, but autumn is the best time of year to begin researching for a swimming pool construction project. Why? Because this time of year swimming pool contractors are not as busy, prices may be lower and before the snowy or rainy season arrives, installing a swimming pool now means that it will be ready for you to swim as soon as the next pool season rolls around. If you’re thinking about talking with a swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pool Builders it’s best to have an understanding of some of the terminology before you do so.

  • Pool filters. When your swimming pool pump is on, the filter will draw the water from the skimmer and the main drain and push it through the filter. The filter’s job is to remove debris from the water, clean it and return it back into the swimming pool. When you’re looking into your pool construction project, be aware there are three types of pool filters: cartridge, DE and sand. Ask us what would be best and ask us to explain the pros and cons of each style. Pool renovation and remodel
  • The heart of any swimming pool is the pool pump. This is what circulates the water, helps push dirty water into the filter and also circulates the chemicals when they’re added. The pump is charged with moving all of your pool water through the filter daily — it’s a big job! The pump draws water from the skimmer and the main drain then pushes it back into the pool through the pump, heater and filter — it is a seamless process that the pool owner never notices — until something goes wrong. When we come for a pool service we inspect the filter to assure it’s in working order.
  • The care and maintenance of the swimming pool water. When you own a swimming pool, it’s important that you assure the water is clean and bacteria-free at all times. This can be accomplished by using pool chemicals such as chlorine or by installing a salt water chlorine generator. In addition to adding chemicals, you will need to test the water to assure the calcium hardness, pH and total undissolved solids are in proper ranges. This can sometimes be a delicate balancing act act and that is why many pool owners rely on the services of a pool contractor to test and balance the water chemistry.

These are three of the many items you will want to ask your pool contractor about when you’re working with him to get a pool project underway. You will also need to discuss whether you want a heater, a diving board or other accessories, the construction material itself and if your builder will also be you pool maintenance contractor once the project is complete. It is a long process, but if you start now, you could be saying, “Everyone into the pool!” at the start of next summer!


How does a pool liner get replaced?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, DC & Maryland discuss pool liner replacement

The shell, or pool lining, that holds your pool water is one of the most valuable pieces of swimming pool real estate. The liner, in addition to being, aesthetically pleasing keeps the water inside the pool! When you’re talking with a pool contractor from Town & Country Pool Builders he will explain there are three different types of pools that you can have constructed and they include:

  • Vinyl liner
  • Fiberglass shells
  • Concrete aka gunite


A vinyl liner pool is a choice some pool owners opt for; they are an inexpensive alternative to concrete and tile pool liner construction. Vinyl liner pools are durable, but if they rip and depending on where they rip can either be fixed and repaired by your pool contractor, but if it is on a seam and it too large, it may mean the liner will need to be completely replaced.

If you choose a swimming pool liner, here are two options from which to choose:

  1. A beaded liner is more expensive, but is considered top-of-the-line. A beaded liner has an edge that clips into a track mounted around the edge of the pool. The smooth appearance of these liners make them almost indistinguishable from the traditional tile and adhesive liner.Swimming Pool Waterfeature- Deck Jets
  2. An “overlap” liner is an economical choice. Overlap liners hang over the lip of the swimming pool wall and is secured by clips and the decking material.

What happens if your pool liner has to be replaced?

  • The old liner is removed, cut up and hauled away.
  • The pool base will be washed down to any debris and dirt can be hauled away
  • Acid and water will be combined to remove any stains and possible algae growth
  • The new vinyl liner will be placed inside the swimming pool and it will be adjusted and stretched to fit the surface of the pool
  • All panels and joints will be secured and water will be slowly introduced to the new liner

If you have a vinyl liner pool and notice a rip or tear contact your pool contractor to see if he can fix it or if it will need to be replaced.

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