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Benefits of concrete swimming pools

Maryland, DC & Virginia pool contractors discuss concrete pools

When you’re talking with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools, ask him about the benefits of a gunite aka concrete swimming pool. The decision-making process for having a pool constructed will include whether you will have vinyl, fiberglass or concrete. After you’ve heard the advantages of concrete pools you may just decide that is the right construction material for you.

Making the decision on the best type swimming pool for your family’s needs will be accomplished through research

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and by finding a contractor that can build the pool you’d like in the material that you’d prefer. If you’re looking for the advantages of a gunite pool, here are a few:

  1. A well-constructed pool and one that will last decades could increase the resale value of your home. A gunite pool is a permanent structure and an extension of your home.
  2. A swimming pool will transform the look and aesthetics of your backyard. The landscaping that you have installed around the pool will also enhance everything about the pool.
  3. Gunite offers myriad options with colors, designs and finishes.
  4. Concrete is the most durable building material for a pool.
  5. Because a gunite pool is not a set form you can chose virtually any shape for your pool. Its uniqueness is increased!

A concrete pool — or any pool for that matter — is an investment in both your property and the fun you will have and memories you’ll make with your family!




Swimming pool party planning tips

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, DC & Virginia, offer pool party tips

Do you want to throw a pool party that will be the talk of the season? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools – while they’re not party planners! — do work with their customers to make certain the pools are party ready beforehand and help with pool maintenance and chemical balancing once the festivities are over!

Here are some tips you can use the next time you’re planning or pondering about hosting a swimming pool party for friends and family:

  1. Choose a date and time for the party. It’s always good to have an alternate date in mind or an indoor location in case of inclement weather.
  2. Plan your party theme.
  3. The invitations to your party can mirror the theme. For example, if it’s a simple “pool party” you could write the invitations on a flip flop and give your guest its mate at the party! Flip flops are always welcome for walking around the yard and the deck!
  4. Choose a menu that matches your theme. If your guests offer to bring a dish to pass say “yes” and give them some suggestions based on your menu.
  5. String a clothesline so your guests can drape wet towels over the line between dips in the pool. Also, have additional towels on hand.
  6. Keep sunblock handy. You don’t want anyone to leave your party with a painful sunburn!
  7. Plan in-pool and out of pool games for all of your guests.
  8. Have safety devices such as telescoping poles, a poolside telephone, life jackets and someone who knows CPR if possible.
  9. Keep umbrellas and folding chairs available for those times when your guests want to get out of the sun and simply relax poolside.
  10. Have fun!!!

It may be wise to schedule your pool contractor for an additional pool cleaning visit after the party because a poolful of people could lead to chemical imbalances. Enjoy the day safely!


What does a concrete swimming pool cost?

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, DC & Virginia talk concrete pool costs

Wanting to know the cost of the family swimming pool is, naturally, one of the first questions that a potential swimming pool owner will ask. “What does a concrete swimming pool cost?” is typically one of the first questions we get when a customer calls our office.

Just as you can’t go to a realtor and ask, “What does a 1,000 square foot house cost?” it’s hard to come to a swimming pool contractor to ask the same question. Why? Because the answer to the cost of a pool or a home is going to be essentially the same, “It depends.” A pool contractor from Town and Country Pools could give you a “guestimate” on the price and could give you a price range. That is an excellent jumping off point, but there are myriad variables that go into a concrete swimming pool construction project.

For example, when thinking of pool prices, you need to consider:

  • How large you want your pool to be
  • How deep you want it
  • Where in the yard you want it placed (if you need to move trees and plants or add dirt to level off the ground, that will add to the price)
  • What kind of accessories do you want? Fountain? Waterfall? Sunshelves? Diving board? Slide? The list goes on
  • What kind of tile and coping do you want?
  • Do you want a deck?
  • Will you be landscaping around the pool?
  • How about the outdoor living space? What do you want there?
  • What kind of a filter do you want? Sand? DE?
  • Will you want a heater?
  • Will you use a salt chlorine generator or other cleaning method?
  • Do you want a deep end and a shallow end? A beach entry?

Do you see where we are going with this? You can certainly tell a pool contractor, “We have $70,000 to spend, how much pool can we get for that amount?” You can ask, “Do you have a base price for what you see swimming pools costing in our area?” These are questions that can gain you an answer, but be aware that until you have begun the process and answered myriad questions, there is no one answer to, “how much does a concrete pool cost”?


Go eco-friendly with pool technology

Town and Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia talk eco-friendly tech 

Are the terms eco- and environmentally-friendly something that you and your family are passionate about? Do you want to find a way to incorporate these into your swimming pool as well as the rest of your lifestyle? The swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools can help you install eco- and environmentally friendly pool equipment and technologies into your new pool construction or a remodeling project.

Eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly technologies could save you money on pool operating costs in the long run. Ask your pool contractor for a breakdown on the potential return on your investment with these technologies:

  1. Remote control-operated pool equipment will help ensure that once a pump, or other pool equipment is turned on, that it is easily turned off.
  2. A variable speed pump is one of the best investments in pool equipment you can make.
  3. There’s probably an app for that! Ask us about the applications you can download to your smartphone or computer to remotely operate myriad swimming pool technologies and devices. You can turn on hot tub jets, the fountain in your pool, the jets on your swimming pool slide and more. These apps help save money because it allows you to turn on these accessories when you need them, and they don’t need to run all day.

Talk with us about any environmentally friendly practices you’d like to incorporate during your new construction or your pool remodeling project.



Vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pool? How to choose

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Maryland, Virginia & DC explain pool construction materials

Decisions. Decisions! One of the first decisions you will be asked to make when you’re shopping for a swimming pool for your backyard is what kind of building material you’d like. You can choose from vinyl, concrete or fiberglass. Each pool type has advantages and disadvantages and each brings with it a different price range, length of time of construction and care after construction requirements. Talk with the swimming pool contractors at Town & Country Pools so that you have a thorough understanding of each of the types so you can make an informed
swimming pool construction

Here is a breakdown of the various types of pool construction types so you can make an informed decision:


  1. Fiberglass pools are a one piece shell that is delivered to your home and placed in the excavated site. Electric work and plumbing need to be run before the shell is placed. Fiberglass is long wearing pool and comes in myriad colors and designs.
  2. Gunite is the most versatile of all swimming pool building materials but is also the most expensive. Gunite aka concrete pools can be constructed in almost any design you can imagine and this is the longest lasting of all the construction materials.
  3. Vinyl pools fit into the steel structure that is inside the excavated area in the yard. The liner fits over the steel, fiberglass or aluminum shell.

Explore all of your options before making any final decisions. Keep in mind that your budget may also be a determining factor on what pool construction material you ultimately choose, but there are other factors to consider as well.

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