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How to Landscape Around Pool

Landscape Around Pool

Town and Country Pool Builders, Serving DC, Virginia & Maryland Offer Landscaping Ideas

The pool in your backyard is, no doubt, the focal point of your entire landscape so you should ensure your landscape around pool is accentuates your pool. To add to that and enhance the aesthetic beauty even further, you will want to work with your Virginia swimming pool contractor on a landscaping project. When talking with him, keep in mind that landscaping can perform multiple functions. You may also want to conduct personal research to show your contrator ideas. Using sites like Pintrest can be especially helpful.

Landscape Around Pool Advice

The swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools offer this advice for landscape around pool:

landscape around pool

  • Enhance the aesthetics. Landscaping with trees, shrubs and flowers are ideal, but you need to do that with caution so you don’t plant a tree that has creeping roots as those could damage the pool structure and plumbing. You also don’t want a tree or flowers that will shed leaves into the pool. A deck, pool house, gazebo or stone paver paths add to the landscape around pool aesthetics.
  • Amp up the safety aspects. Swimming pools are a lure for children, and can be inherently dangerous so you will want to talk with your pool contractor about making your landscaping perform double duty — beauty and safety. Add non slip surfaces and a fence with a lock to keep everyone safe.
  • Keep it private. If your backyard abuts the neighbor’s you may want landscaping to enhance privacy. Plants and pool structures can address this issue while adding to the ambiance of the outdoor living space.

Contact Town & Country Pools

Have a budget in mind before you talk with your pool contractor about your landscaping project. Also tell him what you hope to accomplish with your project so he fully understands what your ultimate goal is. Your pool builder is the best expert for advice to landscape around pool because he understands the lay of your land. Your contractor also understands the best options for safety as well as beauty. Contact Town & Country Pools today for how to landscape around pool.

Researching a swimming pool project: 4 considerations

Town & Country Pool contractors, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer 5 pool questions

Chances are you know someone who owns a pool — or maybe more than one person — and you’ve decided that this year you and your family will join the ranks of pool owners in Virginia. You may wonder, what went into making that ultimate decision on being a pool owner and what you have to do to make it happen.

If you want to join the ranks of swimming pool owner, now is the ideal time to talk to the swimming pool Swimming Pool Waterfeature- Deck Jetsbuilders from Town & Country Pools to begin the process of a pool project.

What should you consider before and during your talks with a Virginia swimming pool contractor? Here are a few:

  1. Have your budget in mind. The budget you have for the project will determine the size, style, accessories and so much more for the final product. Also, the building material you choose could also lead to a choice being made between one size or style because some building materials are less expensive than others. For example, a gunite pool is the most expensive, but longest lasting while fiberglass and vinyl liner styles are less expensive.
  2. The cost of your pool project will also depend on the type of soil you have in your yard. Stony or clay soil or sandy soil all lead to different issues with the project and its ultimate overall price. Clay soil is more amenable to a gunite project while fiberglass is more suited for sandy soil.
  3. Homeowners who live in an area of the country where there are severe temperature fluctuations — extreme cold winters and extreme hot summers — should choose a pool construction material other than gunite as this material doesn’t weather the extremes as well as vinyl liner or fiberglass pool styles do.
  4. The size and layout of your property may be one of the ultimate deciding factors on your pool style. You need to determine if you want to remove existing trees, for example or if you have natural hills or slopes in the yard do you want to work around, or with, them? Do you want to give up your entire yard to a pool project or do you want to still have green grass and have a pool fit into the existing living area.

Once you meet with a swimming pool contractor, you will likely have more questions that will need answers and clarification and that is part of the fun of working with an experienced swimming pool contractor for your project!

Why do you want a swimming pool? A checklist

Pool builders in DC, Maryland & Virginia ask the question: Why do you want a pool?

Understanding your motivation for wanting to own a swimming pool is the first step in determining the style and type of pool you will ultimately decide to invest in. While there is no question you do want a pool, you may want to get to the root of why the swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools say. Why do you need to know the underlying reason you want a pool? So you can get a pool that matches your ideal of pool ownership as inground pool well as your lifestyle.

Here are some reasons you may want to own a swimming pool:

  • Entertaining. If you love having outdoor parties for friends and family and work colleagues, adding a swimming pool to the mix will amp up the fun!
  • Fitness and health. If you need to get in shape or stay in shape and are worried about the strain that jogging or other exercise will put on your joints, a swimming pool workout is great for cardiovascular health while not putting strain on muscles or joints.
  • Relaxation and stress relief. Spending time in and around a swimming pool is a great way to relax and unwind a the end of a long day.
  • Family fun. What better place to spend time and build memories with your children than in your own backyard swimming pool? We can’t think of any!
  • Amp up the aesthetics and potentially the value of your home with the installation of a beautiful inground swimming pool.

Regardless of your unique reason for wanting a swimming pool, now is the time to work with a pool contractor to make that dream a reality before the summer 2015 swim season kicks off!

Is your pool water too hot?

Town & Country Pool builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer water cool-down tricks

You may not think about it today — especially if you’re living in an area of the country that is being plagued by cold temperatures, but what happens when summer hits and hits hard and your pool water has turned into bathwater temperatures? For some people, that might be ideal, but for many, they don’t want to swim in water that is that warm — the purpose of a dip in the pool is to cool off, right? The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pools offer this water cool-down advice. pool water fountain

Sure, you could drop blocks of ice into the water — extreme, to be sure, or you could add more water to the pool and that might help but it depends on how warm the water is and how much space you have available to add more water.

The best way to cool your pool water is to add a swimming pool water feature such as a fountain. Running a fountain may lead to more water evaporation because you won’t be able to use your pool cover, but circulating the water — especially at night when the air temperatures drop will help cool the water down.

Also, if you’re running the fountain during the heat of the day, you can swim under it to help cool off and take advantage of the water that will be evaporating into the air and cooling the area down — this is the same idea as is employed in the southern states when they have misters outside in shopping centers.

Talk to your pool contractor about the installation of a water feature before summer hits and your pool water gets too warm.

Organize your backyard and your home for 2015

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer home organization tips

This is the perfect time of year to put together a plan for organizing both your home and your backyard (and that includes your swimming pool).  The swimming pool contractors from Town & Country Pool Builders  understand that organizing your home could potentially lead to more time spent in the family swimming pool!Picture1

Here are some things you can do to organize for the new year:

  • Clean your closets. Donate clothes that don’t fit. Look for your summer clothing and your bathing suits – summer swim time will be here before you know it!
  • Inventory your belongings. It’s easier to collect on a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged item if you have a photo of it.
  • Inventory your outdoor living area – the pool equipment and your pool furniture and accessories.
  • Contract with a pool service provider for the pool’s maintenance and upkeep. You will usually get a better price if you sign up for the season.
  • Test and replace batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you have any floating alarms in your pool, check those batteries as well. Don’t forget to check the battery in your pet collar if you have one that activates if it gets wet.
  • List the home maintenance items you want to complete this year. This list should encompass your swimming pool especially if you’re in the market for a pool renovation or upgrade. Ask your pool contractor whether he feels your equipment needs replacing or upgrading or talk about items that might benefit from an update.
  • Double check your safety items around the swimming pool. Check that it is all in place and in good condition. Make certain someone in the house who can perform CPR – this is a good idea whether you have a pool or not.

Talk with your pool contractor, prior to the season getting underway, to see if he feels there are items that should be addressed with your swimming pool or its equipment before the season gets underway.

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