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Covering your swimming pool

Town & Country Pools, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia discuss pool covers

If you consider a swimming pool cover a mere accessory rather than a must-have for your swimming pool you should spend some time with the pool contractors from Town & Country Pools. They can explain the benefits and advantages of a pool cover in terms of money-saving, water-saving, pool structure care and safety.

What should you be looking for when considering a swimming pool cover? Here are a few styles and information onswimming pool cover covers:

  • Safety Covers:  Many covers can offer a layer of protection, but safety covers are specifically designed to hold a particular amount of weight — at least 450 pounds and cannot have any spaces that would be large enough for a child to slip through. A safety cover can also be a tie down or a track style model. If you’re looking for a safety cover, make certain you tell your DC, Maryland or Virginia swimming pool contractor to assure you’re getting the style you need. The cost for a safety cover ranges from $1,000 up to close to 10,000 depending on the style and the size of your swimming pool.
  • Solar Covers: A solar cover is a commonly used style especially in the sunnier climates of the country. These covers can be used on above ground or in ground pools and are sometimes referred to as solar blankets. They help prevent loss of heat and also help not prevent loss of chemicals and water through evaporation. They may increase the overall temperature of the water by 10 degrees.  Solar covers are relatively inexpensive, but don’t provide the best “seal” when it comes to keeping dirt and debris from the water. They range in price from $50 up to a couple hundred dollars.  These are NOT safety covers.
  • Tie-Down Cover These covers are stretched across the entire pool and tied down with anchors. They do require that your swimming pool has at least two feet of decking (the anchors are embedded there). A pool cover manufacturer can design a custom cover that can fit over your spa, water features or other accessories your pool boasts. A tie down cover, like many of the others can be made of solid vinyl or mesh (the mesh allows water to flow through). Plan on spending at least $500 and upwards of $2,000 for a die down pool cover — again this depends on whether you want is custom-fit and the size of the pool.
  • Track Cover This is style that is one of the easiest in regards to getting the cover on and off the pool when you want to use it. As the name implies, the cover is installed on a closed track system above the pool. It can be operated manually or electronically.  Plan on spending anywhere from $300 to $15,000 depending on whether you want a fully automatic cover and the size of your pool.

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s crucial to the health and safety of your pool and those in the household who use it to be diligent in the use of one.

Update outdoor living space with a fire pit

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving Virginia, Maryland and DC explain fire pits

Because the sun has gone down, and frankly because winter may have settled in, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up on your outdoor living space — not if you have your pool contractor install a fire pit or other fire structure in your outdoor living space. Adding a fire pit can add hours of enjoyment after the sun has gone down and the temperatures are cooling down. Many pool owners feel that a fire pit is the new “must have” accessory for outdoor living fun.

fire pitWhen working with your Town & Country Swimming Pool builder for a fire pit, here are some items to consider:

  1. Fire pits come in myriad shapes and sizes. Understand before you undertake a project, what you want to accomplish — cooking meals, roasting marshmallows, ambiance, actual heat for the area, etc. Choose from open pit designs to those with walled in sides and chimneys. A fire pit with a chimney allows for a more smoke-free seating area.
  2. Just as there are myriad styles there are also myriad building materials. The most include brick, cast iron, copper and stainless steel.  All of these materials are durable enough to house fires and coordinate with the rest of your patio decor.
  3. What kind of fuel. As with the myriad styles and options, choosing the type of fuel you’ll burn comes with choices. For many people, it’s a personal preference. Fire wood is the optimal choice if you want a traditional campfire feel. If you opt for wood, choose hardwoods for the fuel as they burn longer and smoke less.  Avoid treated woods as they emit dangerous chemicals.

Safety should be top of mind when choosing your fire pit. When you’re working with your swimming pool contractor make certain you select a fire pit that comes with a mesh cover to keep the flames and embers from flying out. People find it best to center the fire pit on a concrete or decorative tile base; if the fire pit is on a stone base, flying embers can be put out before they cause a fire.

A fire pit adds warmth and ambiance and adds to the hours you spend poolside.

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