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Hot tub safety tips for children

DC, Maryland & Virginia pool & hot tub contractors share child safety tips when in a hot tub

Spending time in your hot tub with your children is a great way to while away the winter hours and soak away the winter chill with your children. There are safety precautions you need to undertake when spending time with your hot tubchildren as the pool and hot tub contractors from Town & Country Pools explain. The main point is a common sense one:  Just as you’d never leave a child unattended in a bathtub you should never leave a child alone in a hot tub.

The hot water of a hot tub is dehydrating and can be dangerous to a child. Even with the inherent dangers, hot tubs are a great way to relax sore muscles and are even a great way to get a warm water workout. The jets that your hot tub contractor installed in the structure is a great way to allow the heated water to relax muscles and ease tensions.

Don’t keep the water temperature above 104 degrees and be aware that this temperature might be too hot for young children to tolerate and could lead to heatstroke and loss of consciousness.

Having a hot tub cover for your hot tub is a great way to prevent your child from falling in but these should not be considered a foolproof method of protecting your children. Purchase a hot tub cover from a contractor in DC, Maryland or Virginia at the same time you purchase the hot tub or spa.

Ask your contractor for advice on safety measure for the drains in the hot tub as they could also pose a hazard for young children if their hair gets caught.

Child proof the hot tub and use common sense when spending time together there and it will be a great place to spend fun family time together during the off-season in your pool.

How to choose a pool builder

Town & Country Pool Builders, serving the DC, Maryland & Virginia areas, offer tips for choosing a pool builder

A pool project is the realization of a lifelong dream for many individuals. Because of that you need to take your time, do your homework and hire a quality swimming pool contractor. Where do you begin, though? Talk to friends and family first — word of mouth is always the best referral — if you don’t have friends with whom to confer, start with an internet search for pool builders in the DC, Maryland or Virginia area that serve your area.

You need to find a pool contractor that will afford you the best pool you can buy on your budget and offer it with professionalism and integrity. poolsHere are a few basics of what to look for:

  • Find one who can deliver what  you want — in terms of style, design and time frame of construction
  • Your potential contractor should have a portfolio of work performed so you can see if his style matches with what you want in your project
  • The pool contractor should have years of experience
  • Ask for former clients that you can speak with
  • He should be willing to come to your home to survey your landscape and help you determine the size and style of pool that might be an ideal fit
  • The contractor should be licensed and insured
  • He should also be able to walk you through the steps that go into obtaining pool building permits
  • Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints again the company
  • A professional contractor, that you can trust will never require you to pay the full price of the pool up front
  • Your pool contractor should be have a plan in place to notify you of potential delays or other project issues

Because a swimming pool is such a major investment you will need to perform due diligence before signing any contracts.

Swimming pool design basics

Town & Country Pool builders serving DC, Virginia & Maryland explain pool design options

Do you want a swimming pool in the shape of a kidney? Rectangle? Oval? Circle? Freeform? There are so many options from which to choose, and some of those design options may be predicated on the type of building material you use. A gunite swimming pool will allow you the option of having a freeform swimming pool in a design that is almost as endless as the imagination can conjure. Vinyl liner and fiberglass pools may not provide as many design options, but they are prized for myriad reasons.swimming pool

When you meet with your swimming pool contractor he will be able to help you not only decide the best style for your family and the potential use for it as well as the amount of pool you can fit into the backyard space you have available. In many cases, the shape of the pool will help you make the decision on what type of construction material you choose.

When you meet with your swimming pool builder from Town & Country Pools you will also discuss options for tiles and colors of the coping. Accessories add to the aesthetics of the pool. Consider adding fiber optic lighting as part of your design. Imagine the stunning appeal of a rock water fall or a fountain feature. Determine whether you want a diving board or a slide for your pool. Add a misting system to your swimming pool to create a rainforest.

Here are a few items to talk with your Maryland, DC & Virginia pool builder about:

  • Will the pool for for family recreation
  • Will you use it for entertaining and large parties
  • Do you want it close to your home or in a secluded area of your backyard
  • Will the pool be used mainly for exercise
  • How many people do you think will be in the pool at the same time
  • Do you want a heater installed so you can extend your swimming pool season
  • Do you want a hot tub installed as part of the project
  • What kind of cover will you have for your swimming pool and do you want a hydraulic model

Having a basic idea of the type of swimming pool you want and what your family will use it for will help you immensely when you begin shopping for your swimming pool.

Lap pool or regulation size pool? How to decide

Maryland, DC and Virginia pool builders construct lap pools

In some areas of the country backyard space is at a premium and if that’s the situation you find yourself in, but you also find you want access to your own family swimming pool, talk with the pool builders from Town & Country Pools about installing a lap pool rather than a regulation size swimming pool. Why? You can get the same enjoyment of a full sized swimming pool while not having to give up your entire lap poolbackyard to accomplish it.

A lap pool may also be ideal if you don’t plan on hosting large pool parties or need it to accommodate a houseful of playful children. While a lap pool can accommodate party goers or children, it will have its limitations. A lap pool is most usually prized by those who want a pool but don’t want to give up their entire backyard to accommodate it. Most often a lap pool is chosen by individuals for whom fitness takes precedence over recreational swimming.

Lap pools require less water than recreational pools — this may make it a great choice in those area of the country that experience water bans. Their simple, elegant design complements most architectural styles and they more easily blend into existing landscaping. Although a lap pool is a simple design there is no reason you can’t add a waterfall or other items to spice it up a bit. Ask your Virginia, Maryland or DC pool contractor for ideas on how to add to the aesthetic appeal of your elegant lap pool.

A lap pool measures between 40-75 feet in length and are typically eight to ten feet wide. You can choose your depth. If you have the room and don’t want to give up valuable swimming space for pool stairs, ask your contractor about constructing it in a L-shape so you can enter the pool from the L. Having an L-shape may also offer a place for children to play in shallower water.

Don’t count yourself out of becoming a swimming pool owner simply because you don’t have a large back yard space to hold one — a lap pool might be just the solution!

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