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Swimming pool upgrade and renovation projects

Swimming pool contractors in DC, Virginia & Maryland offer pool renovation ideas

With a storm predicted to hit the east coast and with the calendar turned to November, chances are swimming has wrapped up at your home and in your backyard pool (and chances are you have turned your attentions to spending time in your hot tub!) and this makes it the ideal time to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Town & Country Pools about potential upgrades and updates to your pool.

At the end of the swim season, your pool contractor may recommend an end of the year inspection of the pool structure and its equipment. He automatic pool coverswill do a walk through with you and help you understand what, if any, upgrades or improvements should be undertaken.

When you’re talking with your swimming pool contractor in DC, Virginia, or Maryland here are some items that you may want to consider for a pool repair or upgrade project:

  1. Install and use a solar pool cover — consider an electric operated one as this will help prevent water loss due to evaporation and also helps reduce chemical loss from the evaporation process as well – this one accessory could offer a two-fold savings! Installing an automatic pool cover can make it easier to use a pool cover because you will be able to open it and close it at the push of a button. Using a solar cover also means you won’t have to run your heater as often – if at all.
  2. You may want to upgrade to a more efficient, or a different type, pool filter depending on whether your family’s needs have changed. Whether you decide to upgrade to a completely different style of filter, you may reap a savings. Sand filters, also known as DE filters, require backwashing on a periodic basis and this means during that process that your pool will lose up to 300 gallons of water during the process. A cartridge filter doesn’t need to be backwashed and are easy to clean and replace. Making a switch to this type of filter may be a change that makes sense.
  3. If you use a pool heater your contractor may advise a change in the location of the return jets. If your return jets are near the surface of the pool you could be losing some of the heated water. If your contractor installs an extender to the return jet, the heated water can then be directed toward the bottom of the swimming pool where it will be circulated throughout and warm the water more quickly. The extender, because it is improving the overall water circulation, may help prevent algae growth.

In some cases, a small change may effect a big impact on your family’s budget and the overall pool operating costs.


Hot tub and spa buying tips

Town and Country Pool contractors, serving DC, Maryland & Virginia offer hot tub & spa buying tips

Hot tubs, while they can be used year round, seem to see more “action” in the cooler months. It is an ideal spot to spend time after a long day at work out in the cold or if you simply want to take the chill out of your bones and muscles on a cold, snowy day. If your family loves the time it spends together in the swimming pool in the summer, transitioning to a hot tub in the off swimming months may be a natural progression the swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Town and Country Pools explain.  Whether you install a hot tub for its therapeutic attributes or simply for fun, there are a few things to consider.

  1. A hot tub/spa can be a beautiful accessory to your backyard or deck, in addition to offering healthy comforts.
  2. From traditionally designed wooden barrel shaped hot tubs to fiberglass models, they come in myriad shapes and sizes and seat upwardsBest Spa-Hot Tub Contractor - Maryland - DC - Virginia of 12 people.
  3. Regardless of the style you choose, the water has to be treated and cared for just as your swimming pool does. The water needs to be circulated, filtered and treated in addition to being heated.
  4. The location of your hot tub or spa will be a consideration. Is there a secluded area of your yard where it would fit in perfectly? Do you have a deck that you want it installed on? Wherever you situate your hot tub, you have to take into consideration the plumbing and electric set up for it. Your hot tub can be heated by natural gas, electricity or propane.
  5. Prior to shopping for your hot tub you need to know how much you can afford to spend on the purchase and on the ongoing maintenance. You don’t want to skimp on quality because your hot tub is made to be a long-term investment for your family.
  6. How many people will use the hot tub regularly?
  7. Will you use the hot tub for relaxation, exercise or a bit of both? If you want the hot tub for therapeutic reasons, make sure you purchase hot tub jets that will address your particular needs.
  8. Will you need handlebars for support while getting in and out of the hot tub?
  9. Do you want padded or fiberglass benches?
  10. If the hot tub will be an entertainment hot spot, you might want to add a television, stereo, heated towel racks or other amenities.

A hot tub or spa is a great addition to your backyard and lifestyle. Have fun shopping and enjoy your spa experience!


Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

If you’re a swimming pool owner or if you’re in the process of becoming a swimming pool owner, pool contractors that serve the Virginia, Maryland and DC areas will tell you that they bring luxury beyond compare, but they also bring work and maintenance responsibilities. A swimming pool provides a place right in your own backyard where you can relax, rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family. It is a great

A  responsible adult should always be in charge of watching kids in the pool

A responsible adult should always be in charge of watching kids in the pool

space to build memories and have fun with your children. It is also a backyard months-long vacation “destination.” When you add it all up, there are myriad reasons to own your own pool.

Remember though, that a pool is not all fun, entertaining and games. It also requires upkeep and maintenance to keep the water free of bacteria and clear of contaminants. To assure you can enjoy every minute in your pool that you have available, you will want to make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned and serviced. Many pool owners work with swimming pool service contractors like those from Town & Country Pools to keep the water clean and clear. A dedicated pool service company allows you to use the pool for enjoyment without having to worry that the chemicals will be out of balance.

Here, though are a few steps that a pool owner should take between service visits:

  1. Ask your pool service contractor what kinds of equipment you should have on hand for cleaning purposes between visits. He will likely recommend a skimming net, a vacuum and even a pool water testing kit. The skimmer net makes it easy to scoop up any floating debris before it settles to the bottom of the pool or clogs your filter.
  2. Depending on the length of time between service visits and the amount of use your pool sees, you may want to invest in a pool cleaning brush that you will use to scrub down the walls and floor. This will help eliminate the potential for algae growth.
  3. If you’re comfortable adding chemicals between service visits you may want to ask your pool contractor which chemicals you should keep on hand and in what amounts to add them — based on the chemical test readings you get when you test the water.

Diligent swimming pool cleaning will help keep your pool water clean and crystal clear!

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