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Design ideas for your swimming pool

NR_062507_2Do you want your swimming pool to be unique? Of course you do! Because of that you will want to work with your Virginia swimming pool contractor to transform your backyard from barren landscape into a relaxing oasis. The first step in a swimming pool project is to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Town and Country Pools to decide what the best kind of pool for your lifestyle will ultimately be.

Once you’ve decided to contact a pool builder, you will need to choose the perfect location in your backyard for the swimming pool. Take some time to track the path of the sun and shade in your backyard and, depending on the area of the country in which you live, how many months of the year you will be using your pool. Consider the amount and type of trees in your yard because if they start dropping their leaves, you will be looking at a lot of extra mainteance for the swimming pool.

Work with a swimming pool builder who can provide plans and drawings of what your swimming pool will look like in your backyard. You will want to see what your pool will look like once it’s place into your current landscaping scheme. Don’t forget to add in space for a deck or any outdoor living space you may want to incorporate. Hint: Ask your pool contractor for advice on what he feels your ongoing pool operating costs will be so that you can figure that into your overall monthly budget.

Landscape ideas for your Maryland poolside

Is this the year that you work with your Maryland swimming pool contractor to revamp and enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool by upgrading the outdoor living space that surrounds it? Consider this scenario: If your pool is exposed to the sun all day, the water will be temperate and you’ll never have to use a pool heater. that’s the ideal way to go, right? If he sun is baking you and you won’t have an option to leave the pool andIMG_1223 simply lounge poolside if there isn’t any available shady spots. You don’t want to run from the fun of your pool and back into the house, do you?

  • There are myriad ways to add pool-side shading. You can plant trees that will provide cover under its leafy branches and boughs but remember, with trees come leaves, bugs and other debris that will be depositing themselves within your pool and cause you extra cleaning and maintenance and could also clog your pool drains.

Some other options the pool builders from Town & Country Pools offer for consideration:

  • Permanent solutions: Pergolas and gazebos – offer shaded areas and are typically large enough to accommodate outdoor furniture, chaise lounges and even outdoor kitchen set ups

Portable solutions: Umbrellas – these movable shade providers come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and can be easily                                                                                                                   moved from location to location and even if you decide to plant one semi-permanently, they typically move, spin and bend to offer                                                                                                         shade in different areas

Semi-permanent solutions: Awnings – retractable or permanent installed that will extend from the house. This option hinges on how close your pool is to your house.

Talk to your pool contractor to discover the best solution for your family and jump into the project before summer gets into full swing!

Renovation ideas for your Maryland swimming pool

Swimming pool season may be kicking off — or even be underway — soon but there is still time to undertake a swimming pool renovation project.. The time is now, though, to talk to your swimming pool contractor from Town and Country Pools if you want to get a project started so that you don’t lose the entire summer swim Firebowl deck jets at Copelandseason.

Pool renovations can involve everything from minor improvements to the installation of a diving board or slide, water fall, sun shelves or even larger equipment replacement projects. Your pool contractor will also let you know whether there are items that he feels need to be addressed as part of the project as structural or equipment issues. There may be upgrades to the “invisible” items in your swimming pool such as the swimming pool filters or pumps as these pieces of equipment keep the water clean and clear.

Ask your pool contractor when he next comes for a service visit to give your pool a once-over and then talk with him about your ideas for a swimming pool renovation project.

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