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When to have your Virginia swimming pool project started

We’ve already flipped the calendar to “this is the time of year to get your pool project underway!” Many people consider spring to Swimming Pool Winter Safety Coverbe the ideal time for a pool construction project, but if you have missed the deadline this year, then consider that autumn is also ideal for this type of construction in many areas of the country.

The best time of year to think about it is in the pre-winter – drier months – of the year. It’s best to think about having your pool put in before winter.

Keep in mind, the sooner you start shopping around for the perfect contractor for your pool installation, the sooner you can sign your name on a contract! If you have your pool installed off season, it will be ready and available for your family once the warm summer, swimming season kicks into high gear.


3 renovation ideas for your Virginia swimming pool

Once summer rolls around — and it will be here more quickly than you imagine, you won’t want to have your pool out of commission for any reason and that’s why the time is now to consider a swimming pool renovation project. Over the years of fun swimming pool renovationtimes spent in the pool, it’s only natural that it will see some wear and tear and just be in the market for a facelift! If your pool has reached that stage it’s time to reach out to your swimming pool renovation contractor from Town and Country Pools and see what you might want to to do breathe new life into your family pool.

Swimming pool contractors in Virginia offer these ideas as a starting point for items you may want to upgrade and/or update in your family pool:

  • For many pool owners, the swimming pool shell is the item that catches their eye and the one that usually prompts them to consider a pool renovation project. In some cases a gunite pool shell can last up to two dozen years! If you’re looking at a true pool facelift, consider resurfacing the pool shell and adding in colorful tiles or colors into the concrete.
  • If you’re in the midst of a renovation project it’s the best time to add a spa to the existing swimming area. Spas come in myriad styles and shapes and can even double as a children’s swimming pool. If you’re looking at the structure as an adult relaxation spot, consider adding water jets, heat and custom designed tiles, or even a refrigerator or built in heated towel rack!
  • An updated filtration system can help keep the water clean and clear. Upgrading to energy efficient equipment can also save on your electric bills and the chemicals used to keep the pool clean. You may even want to consider a change to a salt water chlorination system as a way to help your pool go green.

As you and your contractor inspect the pool with an eye toward renovation ideas he may come up with items you hadn’t thought of and may even find some that should be addressed from an operation standpoint rather than an aesthetic standpoint. Now is the time to start talking to him so you don’t lose any precious swim time this summer!

Swimming pool service offered by Virginia pool contractors

Swimming pool contractors in many cases offer both building expertise as well as swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. For swimming pool cleaning many pool owners, the ability to work with the swimming pool builder that constructed the pool and have them provide pool cleaning services simply makes sense — after all the contractor knows all of the ins and outs of their particular pool.

The swimming pool contractors from Town and Country Pools offer these services to pool owners in the Maryland and Washington, DC metro areas:

Pool/Spa Opening:

  • Recess deck anchors
  • Reinstall winterizing plugs in pool equipment
  • Remove winter plugs installed in skimmers and returns
  • Reinstall baskets, automatic cleaner (Polaris), ladder(s) and handrail(s)
  • Start pool equipment
  • Check pool/spa heater operation
  • Assess water drips and/or leaks and attempt to repair (dependent on extent of problem)
  • Program automated system
  • Vacuum pool/spa
  • Brush pool/spa surface and water line tile
  • Test water chemistry (Chlorine/Bromine, Ph, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Stabilizer)
  • Use Town and Country Pools, Inc. chemicals to adjust water chemistry as needed
  • Use Town and Country Pools, Inc. salt to adjust salt content as needed (if applicable)
  • Fill and adjust chlorinator (if applicable) and/or set chlorine generator (if applicable)
  • Adjust chlorine generator (if applicable)

Weekly or Bi-weekly Pool Service:

  • Blow off adjacent pool/spa decks
  • Vacuum pool/spa
  • Empty skimmer basket(s) and hair/lint basket(s)
  • Empty automatic cleaner bag (Polaris)
  • Check pool/spa filter pressure and backwash/clean filter as needed
  • Test water chemistry (Chlorine/Bromine, Ph, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Stabilizer)
  • Check heater operation
  • Use Town and Country Pools, Inc. chemicals to adjust water chemistry as needed
  • Use Town and Country Pools, Inc. salt to adjust salt content as needed (if applicable)
  • Fill and adjust chlorinator (if applicable)
  • Adjust chlorine generator system (if applicable)

Working with one pool contractor who will then become your service provider offers peace of mind to many pool owners.

Maryland pool contractors build pool houses

You love your swimming pool and your outdoor living space but you wonder… is there something missing? If you’re having those Federico_021811_2thoughts, that “something” could be a pool house! Swimming pool contractors in Maryland have been finding that a pool house is one of the must-have accessories for outdoor living for 2014!

The addition of a pool house provides additional outdoor living space and helps separate the pool from the house as it offers a place for swimmers to change into and out of their bathing suits and can even be an added living area for guests. If you aren’t looking for additional living space, consider your pool house a beautiful complement to your backyard and an ideal location for pool equipment storage as well as a place to change into and out of bathing suits. Even a small pool house could be home to a shower and washing machine and dryer set up.  Before you meet with the pool builders from Town & Country Pools, it’s best to know what purpose your pool house will serve — storage, a place to shower and change, or as an additional room – an extension of your home.

Even if you opt to use your pool house as a changing area only by installing showers or a bathroom you will certainly reap benefits by not having wet children tracking in and out of the house. As with any construction project or purchase – if you go ready made – you want to check with friends and family who have pool houses and see what benefits they’ve reaped from them and find out who they used for a contractor. You will also want to check with local code enforcement officers and your pool contractor to see whether there are any restrictions to building this type of structure.

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