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Automatic swimming pool covers offer ease and safety

Automation is the name of the game in many things swimming pool related. From cleaning the pool to keeping it covered when not in use, you can talk with your Maryland swimming pool contractors about how to automate your pool tasks with ease, and the push of a button! An automatic swimming pool cover is one of those pieces of equipment that makes the use of a swimming pool cover so easy it won’t take any effort to make sure the pool is covered and protected to keep curious children and pets and dirt and debris out, and heated water in.

Until recently, the tracks for an automatic swimming pool cover were mounted beneath the coping and frankly the tracks were unsightly to many swimming pool owners. Today’s automatic covers have improved and mounts are installed under the coping and blend in seamlessly.. The automated equipment essentially looks like a picture frame surrounding the pool.

The mechanisms that help operate the cover are placed in recessed below the coping and this helps the aesthetics of the overall pool design. After the cover is automatically rolled back it scrolls into recessed housing at one end of the swimming pool which allows you to take full advantage of the entire length and width of the pool.

The installation of an automatic swimming pool cover can certainly be part of any project you undertake with the swimming pool builders from Town & Country Pools or could even be incorporated into a renovation project. Covers should be looked at as a necessary part of your swimming pool construction rather than a mere accessory and should be part of your overall pool construction budget.

Virginia swimming pool contractors offer a five point checklist

Swimming pools are becoming more of a part of daily life than they ever were in the past. Swimming pool contractors are finding Picture1their schedules are filling up for more months of the year with both construction projects and with taking on the maintenance and upkeep of swimming pools for new owners. If you’ve decided you want to have your own swimming pool and are in the beginning stages of researching a swimming pool builder in Virginia to undertake the project, you already understand that a swimming pool is a major investment in time and money and you need to make certain you have hired the best, most qualified contractor.

Because the undertaking of a swimming pool project is a major one, Town and Country Pools swimming pool contractors offer these tips for you to consider before you sign on the dotted line with a pool builder:

  1. Experience: Has your potential pool builder been in business long? Have you seen samples of the type of work he has performed in the past? Does he keep up on the pool trends in both construction as well as energy efficient construction and equipment?
  2. Client satisfaction: What is the pool builder’s reputation in the community and in the pool industry? Ask for references from former and current clients. Check online sites to see if there are any reviews of his company’s work. Are there any Better Business Bureau complaints or testimonials?
  3. Ongoing maintenance:  What “service after the sale” does he offer. Will he also be available for pool service and maintenance? What warranty and guarantees does he provide? You don’t want a pool contractor that will visit you, build the pool then vanish into the night.
  4. Do you understand the contract? How thorough is the contract you’re asked to sign? Does it clearly lay out exactly what you’re paying for, what could cost additional money and how long the project will take? Does it outline the warranty information on both the pool structure and the equipment? Does it explain the type of insurance the contractor carries?
  5. Follow-up contact: Once the project is over, will he be available if you run into any questions or concerns? What does he charge if you need additional help after the project is over?

Questions will mount before, during and after a pool project decision making process and a good pool builder will take the time to make sure you are comfortable with the process and will answer your questions thoroughly and with good humor!

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