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Swimming pool covers should be used for your Virginia pool year ’round

hot tubs and spa Swimming pool and hot tub owners and swimming pool and hot tub contractors in Virginia understand that a cover should be part of the overall package when you’re having a swimming pool constructed or a hot tub installed. When it comes to keeping curious children, pets or wildlife out of the water a cover is a must.

Swimming pool covers add an additional layer of safety to the swimming pool in addition to the fencing and other security measures you may have incorporated. Anyone who owns a swimming pool should teach the children basic water safety and the children should know that under no circumstances are they allowed in or around the pool when there are no adults paying attention to them. It doesn’t matter whether you have an inground swimming pool, an above ground swimming pool or a hot tub, safety measures need to be in place and in all areas of the country, there are zoning and code enforcement mandates for swimming pool safety measures and the items required.

When you consider the layers of protection that a swimming pool cover provides — in addition to helping keep your water cleaner longer and cutting back on the amount of water evaporation — you can see where it is an investment in which you should not skimp.

Covers come in many shapes, sizes and designs, from manually operated to electronic swimming pool covers that run on tracks at the push of a button. Even with a cover in place, it is not a foolproof way to keep children from drowning. Supervision must be in place by adults at all times.

Fencing, locked gates, floating alarms, motion activated lights and cameras and covers can all enhance pool safety the swimming pool contractors at Town & Country Pools explain, adding that the pool fence should be at least four feet high, but local code enforcement may call for a fencing that is higher and may even dictate the type of fence material you can use. Your Virginia swimming pool contractor will likely have covered the information with you and will have secured the necessary permits for the pool construction.

Your family swimming pool or hot tub will bring many hours of fun and enjoyment but it needs to be done with safety and responsibility always front of mind.

Now’s the time to have a spa installed: Talk to your Maryland pool builder

You may have been the owner of a swimming pool for a while now, but you’re considering an upgrade but are not certain what you hot tub and spamight want to do. How about having a  spa installed either as a stand alone option or as a part of your existing swimming pool. A spa provides a completely different experience than a swimming pool does and these heated water, therapeutic jet filled structures are ideal for use in the cooler months ahead. When you’re talking with your swimiming pool contractor in Maryland about a spa project, what should you ask?

  • Keep in mind that a spa can be enjoyed for more than its relaxation properties. The decisions you make up front on the size, the style and location of the jets, the number of seats and the height of those seats will all add to the unique feel you have for your spa. The swimming pool builders at Town & Country Pools know that the reason for wanting a spa is crucial to know before you begin shopping for one. Do you want it as a way to simply relax and unwind? Are you looking to your spa as more of a therapeutic structure to address aches, pains, and muscle aches? The answers to these questions will help you narrow down the type and style of structure and the style of jets you will want.
  • Where will you put the spa? How many people do you anticipate will be using the spa when it’s at peak capacity? The reasons you decided for wanting a spa may dictate where it is placed — if it’s for entertaining you will likely want it outside or on your deck. If you are looking at the structure for pure personal use, you may have a room in your home that would be an ideal location for a hot tub.
  • What kind of budget do you have? You will need to consider the budget for the purchase of spa but also for the upkeep and maintenance that will include cleaning and sanitization as well as the potential increased costs for your utilities. Tell your pool builder the type of budget you have available for the purchase and ask him or her what you can get for the amount you have budgeted. You will also want to include the cost of a spa cover in your budget as these accessories protect the structure and keep the warm water in — which can save you money.

Now is the perfect time to talk to your swimming pool builder about a project because cooler weather ahead is a great time to spend time in a hot tub.




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