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Researching for a Maryland swimming pool construction project

Even though summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean this isn’t the ideal time to begin the research necessary for a swimming pool project. Making the leap from “we think we want a swimming pool” to “signing on the dotted line,” may not be a straight path and will involve hours of time and research. Because a swimming pool project is such a big investment, working with the best swimming pool contractor in Maryland is crucial to your being thrilled with your pool. When you consider that you will have your pool to enjoy for decades, it’s best to put in your up-front research time.

When you’re in the beginning phases of a pool project, here are a few things you will want to have on your checklist when you meet with the pool contractors at Town & Country Pools:
  1. Cost:  You will need to consider what you can spend and what you can get (size and accessory-wise) for what you have budgeted. Also, when you’re talking with a pool contractor, ask him or her what the cost of the annual upkeep and maintenance will be. You will at least want a ballpark figure on what you can look to spend on a weekly or monthly basis. It won’t help you to have a pool installed if you don’t have the money budgeted to keep up with maintenance.
  2. Time: You will want to not only ask the contractor how long the project will take. Keep in mind that when the project is going to start and complete will determine how much time you will be able to spend in it this year. In addition to this, you’ll want to find out how much time pool upkeep and maintenance will require on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It will take much longer to repair a pool that has been improperly maintained than it will to perform required maintenance on a timely basis. If, for example algae takes hold or if you water gets clouded, it will take more time and expense to address and repair the issue.
  3. Incidentals: Permits, rules and regulations: You will be working with your pool contractor to obtain all building permits before your pool construction can begin. If you have decided to install an above ground pool on your own, you will still need to comply with state, federal and local regulations as they pertain to construction.
  4. Property resale values: Will a swimming pool enhance your property values? Chances are, yes. The addition of an inground swimming pool typically will raise your property values – this can be good for you and is a selling point if you’re looking to move in the future. Keep in mind though, that it can also mean an increase on your annual property tax bills. An above ground swimming pool typically doesn’t affect overall property values to a large extent.

A well-researched and thought out project will assure you have a swimming pool that your family will enjoy for decades.



Swim lessons mean more fun in your Virginia swimming pool

Whether you grew up around water or are new to swimming pools and swimming pool ownership, families who have pools know that swimming pool funbefore they can help their children get into the water, they have to first become comfortable with the water themselves. It is truly never too late to learn to swim, the pool contractors at Town & Country Pools explain. It may take perseverance and a lot of patience to get your children comfortable in the water, but offering loving support while they get used to it will means decades of family fun.

Plan on spending several hours, days or even weeks, getting your child comfortable in the water. The best way to get them accustomed to the water is by slowly easing them in. Swim experts explain the best way to do this is to hug your child and walk into the shallow end of the water with him. If you’re holding on to him and easing him into the water he will feel safer. Jump up and down a bit in the water, splashing your hands so your child will associate water with fun. Once he is comfortable with that, hold him under his arms and walk around the water, letting his legs float free.

After your child has become comfortable with this, take her to the side of the pool and teach her to blow bubbles. What you’re really trying to do is get her comfortable with putting her face in the water. She will likely gasp for air at first as she gets accustomed to the water in her face but with patience you should be able to bob up and down in the water with your baby in your arms and she will be able to go underwater with you.

Following the bubble blowing and underwater bobbing, you can move your child to jumping into the water by himself. Take him over to the side of the pool, stand a few feet away and hold your arms out to him and let him jump to you. Naturally, you will want to catch him so he doesn’t get afraid of the water but eventually he will want to jump to you and doggy paddle toward you.

Remember to take time with each of these steps. Don’t scare your child or it could take months or sometimes years to undo the damage that fear may have caused. While you may want to rush the getting comfortable in the water steps, it won’t do anyone any good. Plan to spend several weeks getting your baby comfortable in your swimming pool. Even after your child has become comfortable in the water, you should never leave him alone and you should keep a life jacket on hand for the times when your child just wants to float and frolic in the water. Work with  your Virginia swimming pool builders and ask if they have advice on ways to help get your children into the swim of things!

Rectangular vs. Freeform Pool

When deciding on what shape pool you would like to build in your backyard, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

We get asked all of the time if a rectangular pool is more expensive than a freeform (any shape other than a rectangle) pool. The simple answer is “NO” because the base price of a pool is based on surface square footage. The more complicated answer is “YES” because typically if a client chooses a rectangular pool they will add the option of an automatic pool cover.
For optimal function the option of an automatic pool cover should only be added to a rectangular shaped pool. If the benefits of an automatic cover appeal to you, then we highly recommend that you build a rectangular pool.

A rectangular pool lends itself more easily to formal or cleanlined environments; However, that isn’t to say that you can’t do a more organic, natural design around a rectangular pool. Materials, deck shape, and landscaping can allow a rectangular pool to fit into a more natural environment. A freeform pool will typically be found only in a more natural environment. It is much more difficult for a freeform pool to lend itself to a formal or cleanlined environment.

All of this to say…the choice is yours and yours alone. We can guide you and give you the pros and cons of each based on your site, needs, and wants, but the final decision is up to you, and in the end you can’t go wrong.



Vanishing edge pools highlight your beautiful Maryland backyard

vanishing edge swimming poolIf you own a “yard with a view” a stunning way to highlight that view is with an infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge swimming pool. These designs make it appear that the pool has no edge and that the water is spilling over it.  When you meet with your Maryland swimming pool contractor ask his advice on whether your backyard landscape lends itself to one of these dramatic swimming pool designs.  These pools are designed so that one edge of the pool has no edges or walls – hence the illusion of water simply spilling off into the horizon.

A house that’s perched on a cliff or one that provides an ocean view works best and makes the strongest visual  impact. Many people buy homes with a view because they want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the landscape and when they install a pool with a vanishing edge, they are only enhancing the natural beauty and landscape. Don’t worry about wasting water, the water is captured once it spills over and is recycled back into the swimming pool.

Vanishing edge swimming pools are constructed of gunite and because of this, they can be shaped into practically any design. This type of swimming pool does carry a higher price tag than other styles, but if you have the view, this is the way to go with your design.  Individuals opting for this design are typically ready to lay out the additional funds to install exotic stone and lighting to accentuate their new backyard addition.

If you fell in love with your backyard and the view when you purchased your home, an infinity swimming pool will only enhance that love. It will become the focal point of your yard.

Because vanishing edge swimming pools are unique, you need to work with a swimming pool builder at Town & Country Pools to help realize your dream as they are experienced in this type of design and installation. These structures need a contractor that understands the technologies involved and it also requires a contractor with experience in working with gunite pool applications.

It is crucial that you check references and look at photographs of the projects he or she has completed before you make any decisions. The infinity pool will only enhance the already-scenic landscape and make your investment one of timeless beauty. Once you have made the decision to install a vanishing edge swimming pool, you’ll find it will become the hub of your household.

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