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Amp up the fun in your Maryland swimming pool with unique water features

Installing an in ground swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury beyond compare. There are many items to take into consideration when considering a construction project – from the size and style to the colors and location. Add to the mix, water features and accessories that you can add into the project and you have a lot to think about!

There are myriad water features and accessories to consider for your swimming pool project and you want to make certain you spend some time talking with your Maryland swimming pool contractor about your options. Here are a few items to keep in mind when gathering information on having water accessories added. Keep in mind that you can incorporate these into your project or have them added to your existing one.

Water feature options

There are so many reasons you might want to incorporate features such as a fountain or a rock waterfall or hidden grotto. These items add a unique look to aesthetic beauty, a waterfall or fountain can offer both, and more! When you consider how soothing the sound of water is when you’re listening to a babbling brook or an indoor Zen garden water fountain imagine how sublime it will be if you talk to the swimming pool builders at Town and Country Pools about adding a water fountain into your design. You can relax deckside and listen to the water flowing around you. Stress relief and beauty in one water feature package. You can also add in deck jets, Badu Jets or a water slide or even a bubbling feature (think hot tub jets).

Water feature accessory benefits

In addition to adding to the monetary value of your swimming pool and your property itself, a water feature such as a fountain or rock waterfall, will make your swimming pool the focal point of your backyard.

Second, the look of your property will be greatly enhanced when you add water features to your pool. Whether you will be incorporating cascading water feature or a fountain type of water design to your pool, you are sure to bring a more interesting look to your space. If you do a lot of entertaining in your backyard the addition of water features will certainly amp up the beauty of the swimming pool. Add to the mix that children love playing in and around water features; picture them frolicking in the spraying water of a water fountain or floating around on rafts under the fall of water from your rock waterfall and there’s no reason not to incorporate a water feature!

How do you get started on water feature additions?

After you’ve done your online research and talked with your swimming pool builder about the type of accessories you are interested in, it’s time to work out a budget for the project. You may find it best to work with the swimming pool builder that originally installed your swimming pool as they know and understand the project. If you’re looking to them as part of a remodeling project, do your due diligence on finding a qualified swimming pool contractor for the project.

Incorporating these items into your pool offers more backyard enjoyment and give your swimming pool a beautiful new look.


Springfield, VA swimming pool contractors install pool coping

swimming pool coping Do you know what swimming pool coping is and what it does? If you don’t know, you need to immediately find a qualified swimming pool contractor in Springfield, VA and ask him or her to explain it to you. Simply put, coping is the edging that surrounds your swimming pool and really pulls the look together. If you had your swimming pool built and didn’t have coping installed your pool can look unfinished. Coping adds polish and style, but not only that, it is an additional layer of safety providing a smooth edge and adding a non-slip feature. Think of coping as a cap between the pool walls and the deck.

You can add coping that can either contrast with your pool or deck design or you can have your coping be a seamless melding of the two. As with swimming pool liners, coping tiles come in myriad colors, materials and styles. You can choose from a natural look – formed to resemble stones or pebbles – or you can choose a colored, poured and stamped (with designs) concrete coping. The style you use is truly a personal preference. In addition to style and design you will want to talk to the swimming pool builders at Town & Country Pools in Virginia about whether you should use cantilever coping or bullnose coping. Cantilever coping is usually used with brick, concrete and stone and will extend of the lip of the swimming pool; the bullnose style is used with concrete decking and will abut the pool lip.

When you’re shopping for coping – whether for a new construction project or a remodel or renovation – browse your pool builder’s selection of natural stone coping. Natural stone styles are available in granite, marble, sandstone, marble, limestone or even bluestone. The coping is typically in tile format and is cut to mold to the walls and corners. If you’re looking for a smooth finish you will want a honed-stone coping style. Standard pool coping material offers rough texture.

If you opt for concrete coping it will either be formed and poured onsite, or your pool builder will bring precast coping for the project. The concrete coping is one you will need to choose a color or pattern for unless you want to keep it natural and let it weather naturally as well.

Porcelain tiles are also another option that provides myriad patterns and color choices. Keep in mind that brick is the most durable coping material and can also be colored from light gray to beige to dark red and black-browns – remember though, the darker the color the hotter it will be to the feel under the summer sun. Stone coping is becoming a more popular choice because of its durability and the fact that it remains cool to the touch. With the variety of textures and colors, stone is a great match for many pools and spas.


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